How to Create Your Avatar

Meet Your Ideal Client by Creating an Avatar

Creating an avatar is one step in a process all business owners should consider following, yet many fail to create one. An avatar is simply a profile of a very specific client you want to work with. Before you create your avatar, begin by identifying your niche market. Next, define your ideal client by focusing on generalities – who your ideal clients are, why they need your product or service, and how they are most likely to learn about what you’re selling. Creating your avatar goes a step further because it’s your chance to give “life” to your ideal client by honing in on the real person you are speaking to in your marketing efforts. Be clear, direct, and very honest. It may be a challenge for you to answer each of the questions below, but it’s integral if you want to develop and maintain long term, satisfying relationships with your clients or customers.

The Basics of Avatar Creation

  • Make it personal – even give your avatar a name.
  • Literally “become” your avatar as you work through this process to feel exactly as your avatar might feel.
  • Don’t skip the details! Really focus on every critical aspect of your avatar’s life – likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, lifestyle factors that aid or impede him.
  • Don’t view your client solely on financial terms – get to know him as a real person!
  • Avoid using business jargon – this will cloud the true process of avatar creation.
  • Don’t worry about being perfect – you don’t even have to write in complete sentences!

Outlining Your Avatar

  • Is your avatar male or female?
  • How old is she?
  • Any children? If so, how old are they?
  • Married, divorced or single?
  • What does your avatar do for a living? What are her career responsibilities?
  • What is her working environment like – is it a regular corporate office setting, a smaller office, or does she work from home?
  • What type of community does she live in?
  • Does she belong to any organizations or clubs?
  • How would people describe her personality?
  • What is her personal life like – how does she spend her time?
  • What is important to her? Priorities?
  • What is overwhelming to her in her personal or work life?
  • What lifestyle factors is she using to cope? Include both positive (fitness, healthy eating) and negative (excessive alcohol consumption, overeating).
  • What are others noticing about her actions or behavior that she may not realize (maybe she’s short tempered, is overly judgmental, or missing deadlines, etc.)?
  • What are your avatar’s pain points? What does she fear or worry about excessively?
  • What would her ideal world look like – what are her hopes and dreams, and how do they differ from what’s actually going on in her life?

Your Avatar’s Prescription for a Better Life

Now that you’ve identified everything from the basics about your avatar to the more personal details, start to outline a “prescription” your avatar needs to begin living a more rewarding life. What does your avatar need to do to break her current, possibly negative, life cycle? Again, be very specific here. Let’s say you’ve discovered that your avatar is a real “people pleaser”. This frame of mind has led her to crash more than once – but when this happens, she allows a period of time for recovery, only to resume the same negative behaviors as before. What should she do to break this cycle? How would you guide her to transitioning to a stronger, more balanced mindset where she can set priorities, create boundaries, and delegate as much as possible? What does she need to see about her situation that she isn’t aware of presently? And how will a new or heightened awareness help to address her concerns?


You may even find it necessary to create multiple avatars for specific campaigns. For instance, a holistic wellness coach might develop separate avatars based on the specific services and products being offered. Get creative as you develop your avatar. Being creative allows you to work smarter – not harder – meaning you can maximize the results of your marketing efforts.