5 Tips to Develop Confidence in Selling

5 Tips to Develop Confidence in Selling

You’ve been through the process of identifying your target audience, honing in on your niche, creating your avatar, and even pricing your packages. What’s left?

Confidence in selling!

Especially for new coaches, confidence in selling can be a huge challenge. Just by identifying your signature system – that unique process you go through each time you work with a client to achieve a goal or overcome a challenge – can send your confidence surging. If you really think about it, you’re using a process you created to help someone achieve measurable results in some way.

Understanding your signature system – and the results your clients achieve – can help you market your business effectively and give you the confidence needed to set your prices without batting an eyelash.

Try these five tips to improve your confidence:

Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials.

Building a repertoire of testimonials from satisfied clients can not only give you the confidence you need to effectively market and sell your products and services, but can also serve as a way for clients to learn more about you and why they should buy what you’re selling.

More so than ever – in an era of near-constant bombardment of ads, tweets, and Facebook updates -people want to know what others have to say about you. Consider adding a testimonials page to your website, ask clients for a quick review, and even consider seeking a recommendation from a colleague or other non-biased party who has no financial or other interest in what you’re selling.

Know what you’re selling – inside and out.

You’re more likely to be confident selling your product to prospective clients when you have confidence in what you’re selling. Know every detail about your product or service so you can provide your clients with the assurance they need to make a purchase. Tell them how they’ll benefit and what they can expect from your product or service.

Convey a powerful message to your prospects by truly believing in what it is that you offer.

Master communication skills.

This sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people gloss over this important tip! When you speak with a prospect, avoid “filler” language that conveys lack of confidence, like “um”, “ah”, or “like”. Put yourself in your prospective client’s position – what would you want to hear about your product?

Be a good listener – no one wants to be around a person who talks over them and interrupts to prove a point. Most of the talking you do should be in the form of questions. Really understand your prospective clients situation and the results they want before you offer yourself as the solution. Follow the 80/20 rule and only do 20% of the talking.

Also, learn basic body language techniques so you can tune in on subtle cues that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Ask someone you trust for their honest feedback about the way you communicate so you can improve your communication skills even more.

Think about your accomplishments.

It’s easy to underestimate your own achievements, but thinking about – and appreciating – your accomplishments can have a positive impact on your business and personal life.

Appreciate the qualities you naturally possess – own your unique abilities. Celebrate major and minor milestones. We often take what we do for granted; in reality, we all possess special gifts and traits that make us distinct.

Be yourself!

Can you remember a time when you let yourself – the real you – shine? It probably felt completely natural and surprisingly easy, and you attracted people who admired you for who you really are and who appreciated what you have to offer.

Know exactly what your true, authentic self is about – and start allowing the real “YOU” to manifest more often.

Confidence is something countless people struggle with on many levels, and the natural reaction is to try to manipulate external circumstances to “fix” the problem. It’s absolutely fine to put forth outside effort to boost your confidence in selling, like gathering testimonials or having detailed knowledge about what you’re selling.

But before you go without by trying to fix external effects, go within to work on the causes. Try it today – relax and look within to transform your world from the inside out. You’ll be surprised at the results!