Goals that are Worthy of You Mini-Course

4 steps to create and achieve goals that are so perfect for you, you will achieve them. This goals course will have you excited about what you are capable of and who you are becoming as you achieve your goals. Gain clarity around what you have already accomplished, identify the goals that are perfect for you, set milestones to track your progress, and become the person that can easily achieve your goals.


It’s time to toss out the old arbitrary formula for setting goals, and create goals that not only represent who you are and the life you want to live they guide you to let go of who you are not and old patterns that do not work for you as you journey toward your goal.

  • You will identify what has worked and not worked for you in the past
  • You will create goals around what you want for yourself and not necessarily what others want for you
  • You will create a way to track your progress to sustain momentum
  • You will identify who you need to be to achieve your goals (crucial!)

This process will reveal your Highest Self.

If you are done with either pursuing vanilla goals, suffering and struggling with goals that are not aligned with your strengths, or dealing with heartbreak of failure this course is for you!