You have a lot of things on the near horizon: events, travel, staff shortages, projects on  the up-swing, etc. You may feel that you haven’t yet recovered from the last set of changes, projects and initiatives. 

However, it doesn’t mean your drive and ambitions have completely gone away. You still want to advance your business, career and other goals and you won’t be happy if you are not making progress.

You may have been thinking about hiring a coach to help you with your goals but with everything coming up you doubt if now is the right time.

But when will you be able to fit it in? You may not have time for a full coaching engagement but you need some help.

What can help is a Quick-Hit Session

This is a 45-minute or 90-minute coaching session to get the support you need without a big time or money commitment.

What to expect…

  1. Once you have purchased your session you will receive an email with a link to my calendar to schedule a time that works for you.
  2. When you schedule your session you will get a confirmation email that will have instructions to help you prepare for your session, so you can get the most value from our time together. 
  3. You will send me an email at least 24 hours in advance of our session letting me know how you want to use the session (brainstorming, question and answer, sounding board, laser coaching, etc.) and what the area of focus will be.
  4. If you send me any questions you have in advance I can prepare some answers so we are making the best use of this time.
  5. This will be a Zoom video call. We will be able to see each other! It’s the next best thing next to meeting in person and allows for a friendly and productive meet
Are you ready to get some quick coaching and get on with your day? 
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45-Minute Coaching Session

This is perfect if you you are looking for a quick flash of inspiration. Do you:

  • Need a sounding board for one of your ideas?
  • Want to pick my brain on how I or my clients run their businesses, advanced in our careers or have accomplished any other goals?
  • Need some laser coaching around an area or relationship that has you stuck; you’ve tried nearly everything but not making progress?
  • Would love to brainstorm some ideas for marketing, strategy, networking, etc.?
While our time together will be to-the-point and powerful! 


90-Minute Coaching Session

90 min coaching

In this 90-minute session you can focus on anything that is listed in the 45-minute session and there is extra time to:

  • Uncover strengths/superpowers that you can use to your advantage, finding more ease as you work toward your goals
  • Identify and realign the belief systems that are at the source of your struggle (you don’t have to work hard for this; beliefs reveal themselves quickly)
  • Map out a plan for the next few months to be sure you’re making progress while enjoying down time

If you want a deep dive without making a big commitment this is the perfect option for you!