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I LOVE working with my clients. I’ve been coaching long enough to know who my ideal clients are and because of that, when we work together we both get energized. I specialize in working with Type A women because I am one myself. If you aren’t sure if you’re Type A listen to these two episodes of Women Taking the Lead (if you are Type A you’re going to gasp and laugh along with me):

Are You This Woman

Decoding What It Means to Be Type A

My clients originally reached out to me because:

They knew what needed to be done, they just weren’t getting to it; they realized they needed a champion and an accountability partner

They had a lot of ideas for their business and they were getting overwhelmed with all of the possibilities

They understood their results were not about what they knew or how hard they worked, it was about how effective they were in managing their energy

They were sick of going it alone, they wanted a trusted sounding board

✓ Life had thrown them some big curve balls creating a lot of stress and they didn’t feel like themselves anymore 


My clients tell me:

✓ I have this way that when they talk to me they start to believe in themselves

 They may come into our conversation feeling overwhelmed but I leave them feeling calm, that everything is doable

 The feel more confident speaking up, setting boundaries and asking to be paid what they are worth

 They feel more supported by those around them…and vice-versa

✓ They get more accomplished and get better results during the time that we are working together

✓ I help them to see that anything is possible…and so they go for it!



I can help you achieve that big goal

What I am really good at is showing Type A women like you how to let go of the stress so you can believe in yourself, and with clear vision and confidence, take the actions that are going to see you to the success that you want. My coaching removes the barriers that keep you from having the experiences you know you were meant for. Whether that is gaining more clients, growing your team, achieving awards and recognition in your industry, gaining that promotion, speaking, podcasting, writing your book. If you’ve dreamt it I can help you achieve it.

Want to bring out your Inner Badass?

Start here…

Energy Leadership Self-Assessment

This self-assessment reveals your unconscious reaction to stress: thoughts, emotions and the negative chatter going on in your mind that is telling you that you don’t have what it takes, and keeps you from living the life you know you are meant to have.  This includes a 20-minute online assessment and 75-minute debrief of your results where you will find out exactly:

* What beliefs are keeping you from seeing how easy it can be to get what you want

* The thoughts that are working against you, stealing your energy and enthusiasm

* What pushes your buttons and causes you to shut down or overreact

* The behaviors that do not reflect how powerful and capable you are, and thus keep you dealing with the same challenges over and over again

* What you can start doing right now to transform how you perceive yourself and the world around you so that you can easily achieve the life you dream about.


Or here…

Strategy Session

Are you an action-oriented, “cut to the chase”, “give me what I need” kind of person? Are you looking to get an idea of what it would be like to work with me? If you are ready for the gun to go off so you can begin having the life you’ve been fantasizing about this is perfect for you. This 2-hour coaching system has been designed to laser in on what is currently holding you back, gets you clear on where you need to focus your time and energy, and what habits and activities need to go. In this supportive structure you will have the freedom to explore what’s possible for you and gain the tools you need to overcome what’s been challenging you in your business and so you can quickly experience success, freedom and profits to fund your life. Do you love accountability and follow-up as much as I do? This package also includes a 45-minute follow-up session one month after the strategy session.


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There’s about to be cursing. 1. Jodi’s name is my most favorite one to shout. 2. I usually shout “Jodi F*cking Flynn” because that’s how awesome she is (I rarely curse, Jodi just brings the noise). Jodi is a coach who has been around the block and done a lot of different coaching. She’s landed some corporate contracts as well as small business, and even more importantly (in my opinion), she’s the ONLY coach I trusted to co-deliver my swanky Sonoma Passion retreat with me this fall. I literally flew her out from Boston and plied her with champagne to get her to help me :). I have high-standards for coaches and find most of them wanting, but Jodi is honestly a really really good coach, plus one of the nicest people I know. She’s also hilarious. So, I definitely recommend chatting with her about her experience because she’s seen a lot and she’s wise.

Christie Mims, The Revolutionary Club

I never intended to hire a coach. After finding Jodi on her podcast Women Taking the Lead, something clicked. Whenever I talk to Jodi, her experience, her non-judgmental approach, and her ability to let me grow at my own pace allowed me to find out what kind of leader I wanted to be. Most of all I have the peace of mind knowing that if I have any concerns, I now have someone in my life who knows me, knows my goals, and knows where I want to go. That’s priceless in my book!

Kendra Wheeler, Payroll Development Officer at Bangor Savings Bank


Since I started working with Jodi I’ve begun to speak up for myself. I went for that big job. I carefully made the case, asked for what I wanted, pursued it without fear. With Jodi I have learned what I want, don’t want, am willing to stand up for, and am willing to wait for. Jodi will help you find success wherever you are on your journey.

Devin Dukes, Business Development Professional


There was life Before Jodi, and After Jodi. Her insights into my life have totally illuminated important details of the career/life-direction struggle that I’ve always known were there, but I just couldn’t see. Do yourself a favor and reach out to her.

Kendall Hinkley, Marketing Manager


If you are more interested in being part of a group program check out The Accomplished Community.