5 Things to STOP Doing Now

Using guided video and audio this mini-course dismantles the patterns that waste time and energy, and offers easy alternatives so you can feel energized, at ease, and in control, while enjoying a full life.


The time and energy you crave is at your fingertips but it’s getting eaten up by other, less important, things. These things are often in your control but you’ve been doing them for so long you may not be aware of what’s actually causing the problem.

This solution will reveal opportunities available to you to free up time and stop the energy drain that is slowing you down. Implement these strategies to:

  • feel more focused, productive and confident throughout the day
  • spend more time on the things only you can do and you are naturally good at
  • make sure your time and energy are spent on the things that are important to you
  • become more persuasive, influential and inspiring – qualities of a great leader