Goals Plans

Reflect Back Before Charging Ahead

Some time ago, about this time of year, my coach and I were talking about my goals for the coming year. Before I got into the list I had created she asked if I had captured all my accomplishments from the previous year.

It gave me pause and at first I resisted the notion.

All I could think was, “great, another task.” It reminded me of preparing for my own performance reviews in the past and that was no pleasure. It felt like I had to prove I had been productive and valuable in the past year. What a turn off.

Then she explained the reason she was asking. “Often times I find I’ve accomplished way more than I would have given myself credit for at first glance. It’s so easy to forget the small victories you’ve had along the way when you’re focused on all the challenges that still need to be faced to achieve the big goal.”

Success Goal Plan ActionShe was right. When I started to create the list I started with the obvious: survived my second corporate acquisition with my sanity intact (mostly), became certified as a professional coach, started my business, took my first paying clients and performed a comedy skit in front of 150 people and received a standing ovation.

Then I started remembering the less obvious accomplishments: a relationship with a sister that had previously been on life support was transformed into a loving relationship, developed amazing connections with fellow coaches and business owners, changed my coaching niche…etc.

It had the desired effect. I was awed at what an amazing year I had, amazed at who I became in the process and grateful for all the challenges that I had faced.

Reflecting on and writing down your achievements is like a booster shot in the arm.

Giving yourself the credit you deserve increases your confidence, quiets the critical voice in your head and energizes you to go after bigger goals. Click to Tweet!

Before creating your goals for next year set the right tone: start with what you’ve achieved thus far.

We are all capable of more than we give ourselves credit for. Celebrating and remembering victories great and small will get us that much closer to reaching our full potential.

Do yourself a solid, take the time to sit still and reflect on the most important thing in your life: you.

Write in the comments below one accomplishment you had this year that you are particularly proud of. Let us celebrate you!