Resources to Update Your Leadership Operating System

Upgrades for Your Leadership Operating System

Like any good system or software, we need to reset, refresh and upgrade our programing so we can do more incredible things. Your leadership is no different. Use the resources below to upgrade your leadership operating system: your thinking, your strategies, your leadership presence, and more.

Levels of Leadership Part I

If you have career growth and promotions on your mind these are the nuances you need to be aware of when taking on higher levels of leadership.

Levels of Leadership Part II

A continuation of Levels of Leadership, this post covers the final two levels of leadership: leading other leaders and leading volunteers

Are You Afraid of Success or Are You Afraid of More Responsibility?

This post explores why success can be so elusive and why self-sabotage rears its ugly head in moments when success is within reach.

What Responsibilities Should You Keep?

In this post we’re covering what to consider what responsibilities you need to focus on and what needs to find a new home.

Delegating as an Opportunity

In this post we cover the delegating opportunity and your next steps to smoothly transition tasks that take you away from your priorities.

3 Reasons You Don’t Feel as Successful as You Are

There is a difference between being successful and feeling successful. Here are reasons why when others describe you as successful you feel like a fraud.

What You Are Actually Doing When You Are Being the Lone Wolf

Being a lone wolf has consequences – like a double standard making it ok for others to accept help from us but we feel shame when accepting help from others.

What Would You Say to Your Younger Self?

If you could talk to your younger self today, what would you share? What advice would you impart? Is it the same advice you’d give yourself today?

Are You Type A? You May Be Surprised

We’re going over what it means to have Type A tendencies and how you can both leverage and manage these tendencies.

The Inconvenience of Happiness

This post makes a case for why you want to be inconvenienced if your goal is long-term happiness and ways to make sacrifice easier.