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Hello, I’m Jodi Flynn

My clients hire me to develop the mindset, skillset, and tool set to operate at higher levels of leadership.

We work on getting calm and confident so you can reach the level of success you want to achieve.

It is my mission and my pleasure to help you discover success and fulfillment in your career and I’ve created a variety of ways to do this work:

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Jodi Flynn
“I often listen to Jodi’s podcasts to get inspired to keep going and growing with my business. It’s a great way to get me moving when I feel stuck! I think many women struggle with similar things as they work to become credible and successful. It helps to know that I share many of the same feelings and “humble beginnings” as others, and have the same opportunity for success! Since making this podcast a part of my regular routine I have noticed I am working more productively and consistently on my business. I still fight my own procrastination or lack of belief, but Jodi helps me persevere.”
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Terri DeCoster​
Divorce, Co-Parent and Step-Parent Coach​

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