Energy Leadership Self-Assessment

You Don't Have to Work so Hard

  • Get more energy
  • Get more time
  • Get more enjoyment
  • Get more accomplished
  • Get the secret to get things done

Before doing the Energy Leadership Assessment many people have expressed feeling a lack of clarity and frustration for how to move forward and stay in action.

I use this tool with my clients because it helps us get to the heart of what is causing this dilemma…their belief system.

Imagine you are a computer and your body is the hardware. Your brain, and the belief system within, contains all the programming.

Your belief system evolves over time as you absorb new concepts and paradigms that work for you and help you to function and achieve success. New beliefs are adopted and old beliefs that no longer fit are rewritten to accommodate your growth: what you learn and experience.

However, every good computer experiences broken code or viruses on occasion. In this analogy old beliefs, or code, no longer work for you and start to hold you back.

This tool reveals the beliefs you have that are no longer working for you; the beliefs that have broken code or have turned into a virus.


You don’t have to understand computer to know when one is not working properly. There are slow downs, pop-ups or weird notifications. It becomes clear something is not working right.

We are all aware of the things that cause us stress…and continuously cause us stress and hold us back. But we’re not always aware of what the source is. We blame it on other people or external circumstances but the fact is our belief system causes us to get emotional or paralyzes us from taken effective actions.

Once you know what viruses and broken code is cause you to shut down, overreact, tolerate and say “yes” when you want to say “no” you can remove or rewrite them.

While we debrief your results I will be sharing with you tips and tools that you can put into practice right away.

Take the online assessment and have a personal session with Jodi for $225!

  • 20-minute online self-assessment
  • Customized report of your results
  • 75-minute session to go over your results
  • Follow-up as needed

Jen's Story

Jen reached out to me because there was a big project she wanted to take on in her business but she had been putting it off. It was something she knew how to do, she was clear she wanted to do it, but it wasn’t happening.

When I asked why she said she didn’t have the time. She had an infant and a husband who travelled frequently for work. He could be away for weeks at a time, essentially making her a single mom during that time.

She wanted accountability to get this project done and agreed to take this self-assessment to get the ball rolling.

Her realization after we had debriefed the results?

“It’s not that I didn’t have the time, I had time to work on this. I didn’t have the energy. I can see now where all my energy was going - trying to be the "perfect" daughter, mom, wife, friend, business woman, etc. - and I can change that.”

Within two months her big project was launched and in place in her business.

What are the things you’ve wanted to do, know they would benefit your business or your work, but haven’t been able to get them done?

It may be the programming that’s messing with you.

Recently, I participated in the assessment. The questions were thought-provoking and interesting. As I progressed through, I wondered what sort of helpful information might be garnered from my answers. Not long after, I met with Jodi to go over the findings. The results spanned a wide range from positives to challenges. Never in my life has something been so eye-opening, both professionally, and personally. Jodi identified the thoughts and beliefs that drive my decisions and actions. Some of the findings weren't new to me, while others really caused me to dig deep and realize their truth. The VERY day I had the debriefing of my results, I was able to use the information she gave me to deal more effectively with a situation. When I was faced with a moment of decision, Jodi's words rang true in my ears. I made a decision that was informed, and aware. Not only was I able to change the beliefs I had surrounding a challenge, but I was able to act in a manner that was a win-win for everyone involved. Amazing!! This is one of the most effective tools I have ever encountered.

Joanne Lee

Owner, Photographer
Joanne Lee Photography

Have you wondered why one year after another looks the same?

Sure, there might be different people coming in and out, but you’re faced with the same challenges over and over again: your goals look the same; you cycle between being committed to too many things and clearing the calendar; the people around you don't seem to care as much as you do; you have to have the same conversations over and over again.

Frankly, you’re getting so worn out from having to do so much to keep the level of success you already have, you can’t imagine having to work even harder to get the extra money to pay off debt, take those luxury vacations, and have the lifestyle you desire now...not just when you retire.

At the end of this process you will know EXACTLY:

  • what is stealing your energy and enthusiasm (and it’s not because you don’t get enough rest)
  • what causes you to overreact or avoid conversations altogether
  • what causes you to feel guilty, dwell on the negative and get stuck in a rut
  • why you can’t seem to focus on the task at hand and so your to do list keeps getting longer
  • why your people don’t do what’s expected of them - even though you were perfectly clear!
  • what you can do right now so you are achieving your goals and getting more of what you want: time, money and freedom

Jodi was really fantastic! She approached our coaching session with a high level of energy and enthusiasm. Jodi walked me through my results: my current outlook, behaviors, and ways to make positive changes to increase my energy both at work and at home.

Though Jodi and I did not know each other prior to our session, her understanding of my assessment results and the direction of our conversation gave her great insight into my personality, values and outlook. I found a great deal of meaning in the overview of my results and Jodi's recommendations.

What's more, I am now reading the accompanying book, which reads like a case study and is hugely eye-opening. This new understanding has changed the way I think and respond in profound ways. Thank you so much, Jodi, for introducing me to exactly what I need at exactly the right time.

Misty Smalley
Manager of Benefits Administration & Optimization
Delhaize America