Jodi Flynn

I help my driven, high performing clients achieve their biggest goals with ease by identifying and overcoming the obstacles that are getting in their way.

I LOVE working with my clients. I’ve been coaching long enough to know who my ideal clients are and because of that, when we work together we both get energized.

I specialize in working with Type A women because I am one myself. If you aren’t sure if you’re Type A listen to these two episodes of Women Taking the Lead (if you are Type A you’re going to gasp and laugh along with me):

Being a Psychology major in college gave me the human insight needed as an executive in mutual fund operations; I found I flourished in the areas of supervising, mentoring, project management and team building.

There I discovered my personal mission – to listen for, bring out and nurture other’s strengths so they could use them to their advantage. In 2010, I seized the opportunity to train as a Professional Coach through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

Taking pride in ‘walking my talk’, I take on challenges that push me outside of my own comfort zone – from following my passion for a career that moved me away from my family and friends to a new state, running a marathon, starting a business, launching the Women Taking the Lead Podcast and writing a book.

I feel the same fear others do when “putting myself out there” but I know that is the path to living full-out, and I love to encourage others to overcome their fears and do the same.

Today, as the Founder of Women Taking the Lead, I coach, facilitate workshops, host the Women Taking the Lead podcast and lead a thriving community of women in leadership. I am also the Vice-President of the Board for The Maine Women’s Conference and the Secretary/Treasurer for my chapter of Business Networking International (BNI).

Are you ready to go from dreaming to doing?

My coaching removes the barriers that keep you
from having the experiences you know you were meant for.

My clients originally reached out to me because:

  • they knew what needed to be done, they just weren’t doing it
  • they were sick of going it alone realized they needed a champion, a sounding board and an accountability partner
  • they had a lot of ideas and get overwhelmed with the possibilities
  • they understood they can be more successful based on their skills but had obstacles because of how they were managing their energy
  • they were experiencing a lot of stress and they didn’t feel like themselves anymore 

My clients tell me:

  • I have this way that when they talk to me they start to have more confidence in their own abilities
  • They may come into our conversation feeling overwhelmed but I leave them feeling calm, that everything is doable
  • The feel more confident speaking up, setting boundaries and asking for what they need
  • They feel more supported by those around them…and vice-versa
  • They get more accomplished and get better results because of working together
  • I help them to see that anything is possible…and so they go for it!

Executive Coach for Type-A Women

I work with individuals and groups focusing on those often overlooked qualities that, if not developed, prevent us from achieving our goals:

  • mindset
  • confidence
  • self-leadership
  • communication
  • relationship building

I am a passionate and focused mentor and coach, providing my clients the structure necessary to challenge personal barriers and create the lives, careers and businesses they desire.

To your success!

“After experiencing some success in my business in 2016 (year 2 for me), I still felt a little lost. I was floundering with direction – I had invested a lot in myself for training and additional technical training. I had some great clients but was still feeling like there was another turn out there for me. I bought Accomplished, joined The Accomplished Community and started working directly with Jodi - I have fine-tuned my business model, created a solid foundation and a clearer path to success for my business.”
Carolyn Delaney
Delaney Consultants