Do you lead a high performing woman whom …?

🚩 you want to develop to higher levels of leadership but you’re not sure if she wants it

🚩 is showing signs of burnout: is becoming irritable with others, losing patience, and struggling to maintain a high level of engagement in her work

🚩 has received leadership training but is struggling to implement the new skills effectively

🚩 is interested in gaining support from someone outside the company, someone who can see the situation from a fresh perspective

The research is clear. Companies are more profitable and more likely to see sustained growth with women in senior leadership and on the corporate boards.

The benefits of having women leaders in the workplace include:

⭐ More job opportunities

⭐ Increasing productivity

⭐ More employee development

⭐ Enhancing collaboration

⭐ More organizational dedication

⭐ Decreasing employee burnout

⭐ Increase company GDP by an average of 35%.

Companies hire me to partner with their women leaders to develop the mindset and skills needed to thrive in Senior Leadership.

The skills needed to thrive in senior leadership are the very skills that create more high-performing teams who can handle the nitty-gritty work. This frees a leader up to do the more strategic, long-term visioning, collaborating, planning and coordinating that allows a company to remain competitive even in turbulent markets.

I provide one-on-one coaching and customized workshops for clients across all sectors.

My clients tell me:

✔ I have this way that when they talk to me, they start to have more confidence in their own abilities

✔ They may come into our conversation feeling overwhelmed but I leave them feeling calm and ready to take strategic actions

✔ They feel more confident speaking up, setting boundaries and asking for what they need

✔ They feel more supported by those around them…and vice-versa

✔ They now get more accomplished and get better results

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