Client Case Studies

Women Taking the Lead was hired to work with Tanja Dysli approximately 8 months after she had received a promotion. It was four months into the pandemic and she reported feeling “all over the place in a state of confusion, and frustrated.” The boundaries between work and home were blurred and self-care was nearly nonexistent.

Tanja was already being groomed for another promotion but expressed a disinterest in it. Her current role was presenting more challenges and requiring more personal sacrifice than expected. Though she was the ideal candidate, another career opportunity was seen as a threat rather than an opportunity.

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Case Study

Women Taking the Lead began working with Christina Carter when she was 7 months into a new role at a mid-sized credit union. This position and organization was consciously sought after by her to round out her credit union experience, in preparation of pursuing a career goal of becoming the CEO of a Maine-based credit union.

She reported that she was, “overextending and taking on too much; feeling guilty spending time with family or taking time off of work.” Christina admitted that while she already had the competence to become the CEO of a credit union, she lacked the confidence she knew she would need in the interview process and beyond.

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