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Where you align with other ambitious women

 to go from Dreaming to Doing


Reach your goals with confidence, integrity and a sense of humor

In this community you will have…

✤  like-minded partners (you’re not the only one!)
✤  group coaching with Jodi
✤  opportunity for an accountability partner
✤  opportunity to form masterminds
✤  access to experts on money, mindset, networking…
✤  status and influence  as a founding member
✤  Lifetime membership is currently only $397

I never intended to hire a coach. After finding Jodi on her podcast Women Taking the Lead, something clicked. Whenever I talk to Jodi, her experience, her non-judgmental approach, and her ability to let me grow at my own pace allowed me to find out what kind of leader I wanted to be. Most of all I have the peace of mind knowing that if I have any concerns, I now have someone in my life who knows me, knows my goals, and knows where I want to go. That’s priceless in my book!

Kendra Wheeler, Administrative Assistant at Make-A-Wish


Since I started working with Jodi I’ve begun to speak up for myself. I went for that big job. I carefully made the case, asked for what I wanted, pursued it without fear. With Jodi I have learned what I want, don’t want, am willing to stand up for, and am willing to wait for. Jodi will help you find success wherever you are on your journey.

Devin Dukes, Business Development Professional

There was life Before Jodi, and After Jodi. Her insights into my life have totally illuminated important details of the career/life-direction struggle that I’ve always known were there, but I just couldn’t see. Do yourself a favor and reach out to her.

Kendall Hinkley, Marketing Manager


The Accomplished Community will have…

✤  Additional exclusive Accomplished resources

✤  A private Facebook group to have virtual conversations and swap information and resources with other members of the community

✤  A monthly Q&A Webcast where you get personal access to Jodi

✤  A monthly Expert Webcast co-hosted with Jodi to cover areas of interest to the community

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Register for The Accomplished Community