The Accomplished Community

Where you align with other ambitious women

 to go from Dreaming to Doing

Reach your goals with confidence, integrity and a sense of humor

In this community you will have…

✤  like-minded partners (you’re not the only one!)
✤  group coaching with Jodi
✤  opportunity for an accountability partner
✤  opportunity to form masterminds
✤  access to experts on money, mindset, networking…
✤  status and influence  as a founding member
✤  Lifetime membership is currently only $397

“After experiencing some success in my business in 2016 (year 2 for me), I still felt a little lost. I was floundering with direction – I had invested a lot in myself for training and technical skills, I had some great clients but was still feeling like there was another turn out there for me. I bought Accomplished, read it in a weekend – and started through it again to work through the worksheets.

As a coach, Jodi has a great knack of hearing and accepting me where I’m at and still helping me see the next step forward which feels really good. By meeting me where I’m at, Jodi helps to clear away some of the noise which helps me zero in on physical next steps. I was trying to “do” by learning more and more and more – the book has helped me to recognize my mindset is a huge barrier for me and I’ve stopped learning more and started applying what I already know.

I show up scared – I just show up. Daily acceptance that my mindset is my barrier – not technology, not another app I need to learn, not another project planner to download. Morning meditation to clear my mind is not only a good thing to do but the MOST important thing for me to do. My energy now goes into the self-care tools that I can bring into play now and trust that it helps my business success.

Since joining The Accomplished Community I have fine-tuned my business model, and created a solid foundation and marketing approach…a clearer path to success for my business.”

Carolyn Delaney 


The Accomplished Community will have…

✤  Additional exclusive Accomplished resources

✤  A private Facebook group to have virtual conversations and swap information and resources with other members of the community

✤  A monthly Q&A Webcast where you get personal access to Jodi

✤  A monthly Expert Webcast co-hosted with Jodi to cover areas of interest to the community

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Register for The Accomplished Community