The Accomplished Intensive

Dream • Discover • Do

Have you been telling yourself you’re not good enough?

Are you worried that your success was just luck and someday people are going to catch on?

Do you find yourself working harder and harder to prove to yourself and others that you deserve to achieve your goals?

Are you working late and on weekends to keep up?

Do you spend “free” time trying to recover from your busy schedule?

Ugh. Living like this is exhausting. And, it prevents you from experiencing peace and satisfaction.  Joy.

These thoughts cause you to hesitate, hold back and derail all your best efforts right before success.

I get it. It wasn’t that long ago when I was exactly where you are. 

I remember thinking, “I know what to do. I’m just not doing it.It was baffling!

Have you heard yourself think or speak these words before? 

This is what self-sabotage looks like. 

And, until you feel worthy of the success you won’t be able to bring yourself to move forward. Or, even if you do force yourself to move forward, you won’t feel satisfied or fulfilled when you do achieve your goal.

Crazy, right?

What you need to know right now is you can STOP THE MADNESS!!

All you need is a way to see yourself for the amazing, capable person you really are.

It’s time… to dispel all the illusions, re-write the stories, and change your mistaken identity. These things trigger a knee-jerk stress reaction and take you further way from who you really are.

  • Feel more confidence, peace and fulfillment
  • Have control over your calendar
  • Get back the love you used to have for your business, career…life
  • Zero in on the work that brings the most joy and money
  • Create harmony in all your relationships, personal and professional 
  • Get more respect, appreciation and acknowledgement

If you are ready to accomplish your biggest goals and make more money while working less sign up today! 

Here's the Journey...

The Accomplished Intensive Part I


Imagine the Future and Set the Intention to Succeed

Before you start a journey, you need to know the destination.

In this module, you’ll create a vivid picture of you living your success and how it makes you feel.

This vision will fortify you as you face obstacles between here and there – and there are always obstacles. What are obstacles when you know the success you dream about is a foregone conclusion?

Week One

Commit to it Like Your Life Depends Upon it

Commitment is a game-changer.

It’s not sexy.  A lot of people don’t like to talk about it. But, when you make and keep commitments, especially to yourself, you move forward despite the temptation to play small, play safe and play comfortable.

Self-care, Worthiness and Confidence

You have committed to honor yourself and make your needs a priority. Now you need to model the “new you” for others. You may be clear on your worthiness, but they might not be.

How do you send the message that you are worthy and others need to respect you? By taking excellent care of yourself.

A woman who takes excellent care of herself garners respect.

In this stage you will create a personalized self-care plan that goes way beyond nutrition, sleep and hydration.

Your personalized plan will also make sure you are consistently at your best as you begin to manifest your vision of success.

Weeks Two & Three

Discovering Who You Are Starts with Determining Who You Are Not

Your Bad Boss, Cocooning, the Amazon Warrior, the Chameleon, the Super Hero and the Collaborator

In this stage we start to peel away all the misconceptions you have about yourself.

We transform all the triggers that drain and annoy you to free up so much energy that, at first, you won’t recognize yourself. My clients are often startled by how productive they become as we move through this stage.

Having let go of all those outdated misconceptions you are now a blank canvas and ready for the next stage…

Week Four

Get to Know the Real You

A good place to start to get to know who you really are is your values. Without thought, your values guide you through your day-to-day life.

Then we’ll identify your own unique Superpowers. Your Superpowers are your gifts and skills that make what you do and how you do it highly valuable. We all have several Superpowers but they are often taken for granted and overlooked. We need to know what your Superpowers are so they can be leveraged in your favor.

Lastly, we’ll take a look at the opposite of your Superpowers: your Kryptonite. Being energy drainers it’s also important to know what tasks and situation you need to avoid to conserve your energy and stay in your zone of genius.

Your Personal Mission (Your Why)

You may not necessarily be looking for coaching around discovering your life purpose but knowing the difference you were meant to make in the world will hone and super-charge any goal, project or initiative you create for yourself.

Identifying your personal mission may sound agonizing (how many people do we meet who share they still haven’t discovered their purpose?).  Don’t worry about that.

In this step-by-step process you can create a mission statement that will feel good, energized you, and give you something you can refer back to when you feel off-center.

If the time commitment feels like a lot...

Time concerns (2)

Included in The Accomplished Intensive Part I

1. The book, Accomplished: How to Go from Dreaming to Doing (Value $15)

How to go from dreaming to doing

This book is for the woman who feels misunderstood because she’s not satisfied with “good enough.” She craves excellence and desires to always bring the best forward in herself, those around her and any group or organization she belongs to.

Accomplished is a personal guide to take what you’ve imagined (or only wished for in your heart) and make it a reality.

“If you’ve spent even one minute thinking – knowing – that there is something more out there just waiting for you to grab ahold of it but you’re not sure how, then this book is for you. The journey to achieving whatever true success is for you starts with mindset, then getting to know one’s self, and finally, being able to execute. Through a series of lessons and exercises, Jodi has every step laid out for her reader, all placed brilliantly with confidence, integrity and a sense of humor.” 

Kate Erickson, Entrepreneur on Fire

2. (4) 45-60-minute content calls (value $600)

3. (4) 60-minute+ coaching calls (value $600+)

4. Lifetime membership in The Accomplished Community (Value $397)

Centered around my Amazon bestselling book, Accomplished: How to Go From Dreaming To Doing, this is a community of women with big dreams who are ready to shed the perceived limits they have for themselves, work through new insights and new behaviors and share the journey along the way. Together we work through the resources provided with the book along with exclusive tools and monthly support calls.

As a member of this community you will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded women who understand business challenges.

Members of this community have helped each other with marketing messages, website reviews, finding new resources for clients, how to structure the day, how to get motivated, knowing your ideal client, dealing with difficult clients, starting a podcast, criteria for making big decisions, multiple streams of income, building out a team, succession planning, how to politely refuse bartering and so much more!

If you’re eager to shed your old skin, step into your big dreams, realize your true potential, dig deep and start getting things done – join us in the community for support, guidance and tangible actions moving your forward towards your success.

wtl- hands

Members in our community have:

  • monthly group coaching with me
  • access to my network
  • support from other women, the opportunity to network and collaborate
  • access to experts on money, mindset, networking and speaking

Q&A Coaching Calls

Here’s your opportunity to get live coaching from me and the other rock star women in this community! Show up live or watch the recording later. All calls are recorded and are posted in a members-only library.

We’ve covered topics such as setting boundaries, finding balance (if there is any such thing), time-management, marketing ideas, improving relationships and many, many other topics.

business coaching

Expert Webcasts

Based on requests for topics or particular speakers – I reach into my network and branch out into others to find the right experts to teach and answer questions on a variety of topics.

Below are some of our Experts we’ve had the honor of hosting:

  • John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire who talked to us about self-mastery
  • Carol Cox of Speaking Your Brand shared the importance of having a signature talk and gave some great tips on where to get started. 
  • Meredith Bell of Performance Support Systems, Inc. taught us how to connect with influencers on LinkedIn

All calls are recorded and are posted in our members-only library 

Entrepreneur on Fire
Speaking Your Brand

What members are saying:

Receiving feedback and perspectives from other group members has been valuable. Example: someone a while back had posed a question, I gave a reply and then another member replied with a great book recommendation “The Art of Focused Conversation.” This is a great book and gave me tools to solve some important issues. I appreciate that there are women from different backgrounds with different perspectives.​
Karen Jehanian Headshot
Karen Jehanian
KMJ Consulting, Inc.​
I found Jodi via her brilliant and thoughtful podcast Women Taking the Lead. I have since had the privilege to have read her book, Accomplished, work one-on-one with Jodi as a coach and using the Energy Leadership Assessment, and am now a member of her Accomplished Community. Jodi truly 'gets' Type A women, with a compassionate, practical approach that guides us to create and achieve goals that are worthy of us. I can truly say that knowing and working with Jodi has made a huge difference to how I conduct myself in my business and in life. Jodi is insightful, intelligent and positive - if you are a Type A woman who is keen to lead with integrity and confidence, I highly recommend exploring how you can partner with Jodi to benefit from her unique and inspiring approach.
Anna Dxion Headshot
Anna Dixon
Creative IQ

5. What I cannot put a pricetag on but is nonetheless invaluable…

  • Updated worksheets (priceless)
  • Access to fully participate any future iterations of the Accomplished Intensive at no charge (priceless)
  • Community support in Facebook group from women who are “in it to win it” (priceless)
  • Access to Jodi in the Facebook group and via email (priceless)
  • Calls recorded, forever access to worksheets and videos (priceless)

The Accomplished Intensive Part I is a stand-alone program but if you are the type of person who wants the entire journey, you're going to want to do The Accomplished Intensive Part II as well.

We'll take a couple of weeks off to integrate everything that has been learned and experienced. Then you are ready for...

The Accomplished Intensive Part II

Week One

The People Who Surround You

Think of “your team” as the people you are choosing to surround yourself with.

Up until now you may not have considered how much choice you have in who you give your time, energy and resources to.

In this stage we are going to take a look at who is currently in your life, who may need to be phased out and who you want to bring into your circle…in and out of the office.

We’ll cover the types of people you want to avoid becoming involved with and the type of people who will add to your energy.

Last but certainly not least we’ll look at balancing out your team so you can easily hand your Kryptonite off to others.

Weeks Two

Framing your mindset to set Goals that Are Worthy of you

Your goals, and how achievable they are, stem from the mindset that created them.

In this phase you are ready to create goals that are in alignment with who you really are — goals that are worthy of you as opposed to what you think you “should” do.

Before you create new goals, or go back to tweak the old ones, we will go through a goal setting process that inspires and motivates you.

A goal that is worthy of you calls you to express the best parts of you and motivates you to keep going, even when staying on track is tough. Goals that are worthy of you will have you jumping out of bed in the morning.

Weeks Three

Working Your Network and Your Plan

You’re now clear on who you are, you are clear about who “your people” are and where to find them, and you have your goals and your plan to achieve them.

It’s time to put it all into action.

One of the common mistakes we ambitious go-getting women make is we tend to try to do it all on our own. The reality is we get further faster when we allow other people to help us.

In this phase you will get guidance on how to build mutually beneficial relationships and fully utilize the people in your network by sharing the vision of your goal.

We will identify which parts of your plan can be shared, delegated, or outsourced so you are not doing all the work.

It’s not just about giving work away, it’s about bringing people in. There are people out there who want what you want and would be delighted to help you. By sharing your goal you will be creating collaboration, community and an opportunity for others to realize their goals.

Week Four

Stay Motivated & Avoid Common Pitfalls

Bringing it all together and next steps

We all get jazzed at the outset.

You create a goal, you think about what it’s going to be like when you achieve it, you start taking action and… WHAM! Life hits.

There is no straight line to success. It twists and turn and the unexpected jumps out and tries to block your path. This is frustrating but it’s no excuse to give up.

Here is where you build resilience, you get creative, you tweak the plan, you realize I’m still with you and you keep moving!

With all you’ve accomplished in the previous stages of our work together you are ready for this! 

Included in The Accomplished Intensive Part II

1. (4) 45-60 minute content calls (value $600)

2. (4) 90-minute+ coaching calls (value $900)

3. What I cannot put a pricetag on but is nonetheless invaluable…

  • Updated worksheets (priceless)
  • Access to fully participate any future iterations of the Accomplished Intensive at no charge (priceless)
  • Community support in Facebook group from women who are “in it to win it” (priceless)
  • Access to Jodi in the Facebook group and via email (priceless)
  • Calls recorded, forever access to worksheets and videos (priceless)

Are you ready to get started???

You’ve got some options.

The Accomplished Intensive

Part I & II

Single Payment


The Accomplished Intensive

Part I & II

Split Payment


The Accomplished Intensive

Part I

Single Payment


The Accomplished Intensive

Part I

Split Payment


With Jodi's help, I uncovered beliefs around money and love that altered everything in my life, and which has now placed me in a space of such energy, gratitude, peace, joy, abundance and love, I am often speechless at what has happened. Through my work with Jodi I placed myself in a position where not only have I found a way to clear all my debts (which were significant and creating a large amount of pressure and stress), I opened myself up to a financial decision which has essentially made me financially free, and this is still so astonishing to me, I have to pinch myself.

Jodi helped me uncover what was holding me back at the deepest level, creating the kind of transformation only dreamt about. Rather than chasing after what I want, it now finds its way to me, simply and effortlessly. I feel like now I do so much less, yet create, experience and achieve so much more!
Sabiha Vorajee
Sabiha Vorajee
Founder, High Value Woman

The 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions about The Accomplished Intensive

I’m not sure I can dedicate the time right now to a program. Are you going to do this program again?

Yes, I will definitely be doing this program again. However, the price will be higher in future iterations. The low price of this intensive is because it is the first time I am taking a group through my system at the same time. Here’s why it would be a great idea, even if you cannot make all the Zoom calls, to invest in this program now…

  • Zoom calls are being recorded and you can watch the recording on your schedule.
  • Your purchase of this low-cost pilot program gives you access to all future iterations of the Accomplished Intensive. Most programs you buy once and then have to buy it again if you want to re do it. Not this program! My process is a transformational process that peels away layers of stories and misconceptions. Several of my clients have redone the “work” of our coaching and have continued to gain more insights, more value and benefits with each journey.
  • Immediate membership in The Accomplished Community provides support, kinship and resources to work through and achieve the goals you have set for yourself this year.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, if you have done all the work, sought out coaching, and you still did not get the results you were hoping to get I will fully refund your investment. My mission is to see you to success and if that doesn’t happen I want you to be able to invest in whatever it is you need to be successful.

Like what you see but have some questions you need answered? Fill out the form below and let’s schedule a call!

I hired Jodi during the most stressful year of my life. I couldn’t get out of my own way and I didn’t know who I was anymore. In the middle of all this I was starting Daughters of Change. When I thought of how I was going to get out of this and get back on track Jodi came to mind. Jodi is real, there’s no veneer. What is also important to me is she’s open to being flexible with her process. She has a process yet works with you as an individual to bring out your best. I am now out of my funk, back on track with my business, and have also made taking care of myself a priority.
Marie Sola Headshot
Marie Sola
Founder, Daughters of Change
After experiencing some success in my business at two years in, I still felt a little lost. I was floundering with direction - I had invested a lot in myself for training and technical skills, I had some great clients but was still feeling like there was another turn out there for me. I bought Accomplished, read it in a weekend – and started through it again to work through the worksheets. As a coach, Jodi has a great knack of hearing and accepting me where I'm at and still helping me see the next step forward which feels really good. The program has helped me to recognize my mindset is a huge barrier for me and I've stopped learning more and started applying what I already know. I have fine-tuned my business model, and created a solid foundation and marketing approach…a clearer path to success for my business.
Carolyn Delaney
Owner, Delaney Consultants
Now that I have worked with Jodi I feel a huge internal shift and both my businesses are booming. Where I had a lot of self-doubt before, now I realize that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and exactly what I want to be – positive, joyous, courageous, thoughtful, positive and kind…and I am still growing and excited for the future! If you are thinking of working with Jodi just do it. It’s worth every minute of your time and every last penny. What could have taken me 10 years to figure out took me 6 months with Jodi’s help. You’ll be glad you did!
Melinda Cobb
Arbonne International LLC
I never intended to hire a coach. After finding Jodi on her podcast Women Taking the Lead, something clicked. Whenever I talk to Jodi, her experience, her non-judgmental approach, and her ability to let me grow at my own pace allowed me to find out what kind of leader I wanted to be. Most of all I have the peace of mind knowing that if I have any concerns, I now have someone in my life who knows me, knows my goals, and knows where I want to go. That's priceless in my book!
Kendra Wheeler
Payroll Development Officer, Bangor Savings Bank

If you are ready…

You’ve got several options.

The Accomplished Intensive

Part I & II

Single Payment


The Accomplished Intensive

Part I & II

Split Payment


The Accomplished Intensive

Part I

Single Payment


The Accomplished Intensive

Part I

Split Payment