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Did you know women represent only 33% of employees in the Tech industry?

And according to Accenture half of women who go into the tech industry drop out by the age of 35.

Knowing those stats, it’s great when you hear of a company that is beating those odds. I wanted to know what is making the difference, so I’ve invited Laura Baldwin, the President of O’Reilly Media to share what they are doing at O’Reilly with all of us.

Meet Laura Baldwin

Laura Baldwin began working with O’Reilly Media in October 2001 as Chief Financial Officer and added Chief Operating Officer to her responsibilities before becoming O’Reilly’s first President in March 2011. Prior to O’Reilly, she consulted for the publishing industry with BMR Associates, managing diverse large projects. Her media career started at Chronicle Books, where she was CFO for ten years, contributing to its successful distribution and gift business launch. Laura’s diverse experience in banking, corporate governance, and media fuels her passion for the industry. She credits her leadership ethos to her all-girls high school, where she was taught that leadership is available to anyone who demonstrates initiative and drive regardless of their gender. At O’Reilly, she helped to create a diversity scholarship program and continues to advocate for an inclusive and open workforce.

In this episode Laura and I discuss:

  • O’Reilly’s executive team stat of 45% women and companywide stat of 43% women.
  • When O’Reilly realized there was a discrepancy in their company, and something needed to change.
  • What they are doing differently, which has allowed them to sustainably achieve these numbers.
  • O’Reilly’s current focus to help their people continue to have flexibility and manageable workloads.

Where you can find Laura and O’Reilly’s resources

O’Reilly’s diversity statement:

Free diversity resources:

Laura Baldwin:

Corporate Responsibility in the Age of AI:


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