077: Alexandra Black-Paulick on Being the Change You’d Like to See

changeAlexandra Black-Paulick is a business junkie at heart. Formerly working for nonprofits, she transitioned to marketing. Still feeling the pull of the nonprofit mentality, she stumbled into the world of social entrepreneurs. Inspired by individuals creating meaningful change in the world, she started the Positive Impact Podcast. This was the perfect blend of her nonprofit background, love for business and marketing outlets. This new show elevates the work of movers, shakers and change makers creating a positive impact on the world, inspiring individuals like you and me to make our positive mark.

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Playing Small Moment

Alexandra and her husband relocated and were unfamiliar with their surroundings and didn’t know anyone in their area. She got a job at a nonprofit, the pay was terrible and leaving it was the hardest thing she has ever done because of her loyalty.

The Wake Up Call

Alexandra’s husband was listening to Zig Ziglar books in the car, and he sat her down and asked how she was going to impact lives. She struggled while mulling over that question.

Style of Leadership

Alexandra strives to model her leadership after her mentor. Her mentor gave her undivided attention during meetings and it was just an extra step to say, “I am focusing on you.”

What Are You Excited About?

Alexandra is holding a Virtual Conference in January 18-22 on Blab with Corps alumni who have moved on and become impactful change makers.

Leadership Practice

Alexandria uses Love Languages in her leadership. Basically, it’s a test to define how people around you perceive love. It empowers her to know how people like to receive feedback so she can implement the proper delivery.

Book to Develop Leadership

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

What Would You Change?

Looking back, Alexandra’s favorite memories were the moments she was present and enjoying her life. She would focus more on those moments and be open to possibilities.

Inspirational Quote

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Gandhi

Interview Links

Journey to Social Entrepreneurship Virtual Conference

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