150: Alexis Robin on Utilizing Your “Village”

villageAlexis Robin is the Co-Founder of pLink Coaching Center for Excellence, an executive coaching firm specializing in leadership and organizational development at the individual and collective level. She is a published author of Leap of Faith, Cultivating Your Brave Heart, and radio host of The Bright Side, A Life Coaching Radio Show.

When she’s not working, you can find Alexis at her home in Lake Tahoe, California, snowboarding, stand-up paddling, and enjoying the great outdoors with her French husband and 11-year-old twins.

Playing Small Moment

Bravery is one of Alexis’s highest values, so to be called out for shrinking away on stage was an eye opener for her. Suddenly she realized that she used to shrink away a lot. She wasn’t considering just how much she really brought to the table.

The Wake Up Call

While working with her clients, Alexis realized how many talented people still carried the burden of self-doubt. This prompted her to examine her own self-doubt and to realize that it wasn’t about her. She needed to be present for her clients and not worried about herself.

Style of Leadership

Alexis says her style of leadership is about setting clear direction and intention. She focuses on what she wants to create instead of what she wants to stop from happening. Additionally, sharing ‘why’ you are asking something of someone can make all the difference.

Current Leadership Challenge

Getting the word out about what her organization is doing and how it is different than other coaching companies is Alexis’ biggest business opportunity.

What Are You Excited About?

Alexis and her partners are excited about a new, visually stunning webinar series she is developing for her Positive Leader Journey program called Think pLink webinars.

What Does Your Business Support System Look Like?

Alexis has a great support system within her organization as well as at home. She says everyone around her shares her same vision and values.

Leadership Practice

Sharing her intention when she asks for something is Alexis’s best leadership practice.

Book to Develop Leadership

Rising Strong by Brené Brown  

Advice For Younger Self

 “Don’t spend time trying to prove yourself to people. The most valuable mentors and friends don’t need convincing.”

Inspirational Quote

“Trust the process of life. Sometimes life goes wrong in your favor.” ~ Alexis Robin

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