061: Aline Potvin on How to Take Your Power Back

powerDr. Aline Potvin is a naturopathic doctor, teacher, medical muse, and healthcare advocate.  Her love of working with patients in her family health practice in Arundel, ME is only surpassed by her deep desire to educate and support families to become independently healthy, and bring that forward into building community.

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Playing Small Moment

After medical school, Aline moved back to Maine and worked with mentors to help her in both business and practice and feels that having mentors and coaches is very important. Recently, she found that working with certain coaches and taking their advice was making her lose her focus and vision for the values she wanted to grow in her practice.

The Wake Up Call

Aline was feeling overwhelmed and fatigued, but she was also wanted to help her practice in more ways. She was walking and realized that her title was technically doctor but she really was a teacher. Aline had been conditioned to think how a doctor would normally think, but made changes to the art of her practice to help her patients in a way that really worked for her.

Style of Leadership

Aline believes her best leadership quality is finding other’s natural gifts and helping them contribute to a cause using their gift.

What Are You Excited About?

She has been focusing on her writing lately and finds that using writing as her creative outlet has been very satisfying.

Leadership Practice

Aline’s best thoughts and reflections come from the water. She tries to incorporate any form of water to keep her balanced, whether it is walking by the lake or relaxing in a bath.

Book to Develop Leadership

The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

What Would You Change?

Aline would tell her younger self not to wait too long to take her power back from wherever it was dispersed. Taking time out each night before bed to take back your power is very therapeutic.

Inspirational Quote

“Unused creativity is not benign.” ~ Brené Brown

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