On-Air Coaching: Allison Bishop on How Insidious Uncertainty Can Be

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Allison is a financial coach in Portland, Maine.  She’s been a CPA for more than twenty years, first working in forensic accounting, and then tax preparation.  Her experience in preparing people’s taxes really demonstrated for her the lack of basic financial literacy and discomfort around money many people have.  She realized her calling was to educate people about financial literacy, and in the fall of 2015 she started her financial coaching business so that she could sit down with people on an individual basis to help them make informed and purposeful decisions that support their financial goals.

Allison lives just outside of Portland with her husband and four children.  She spends her free time hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, snowshoeing, doing yoga, and voraciously reading.

Allison and I discussed:

    • A new program she is currently developing for a younger demographic
    • The fear that has been keeping her from taking actions that will launch this program
    • Tapping into one’s resources and not going it alone
    • The power in even taking simple action to move forward


Website: https://allisonbishop.com/
LinkedIn – Alisson V. Bishop
Facebook – Allison V. Bishop, CPA – Financial Coach

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