Analiza Quiroz Wolf on Beliefs That Block You

There are a lot of myths out there about what you need to do to be successful at work.

You may already be at a point in your career where you’ve realized this and had to shift gears.

And you may still feel like you are walking a tight rope of, for instance, needing to be more decisive but not too decisive because that can work against you as a woman. Or, advocating for yourself more but not too much because that also has consequences.

On this episode of Women Taking the Lead I’m joined by Analiza Quiroz Wolf to talk about the strategies and practices that will actually lead you to success in the workplace.

Meet Analiza Quiroz Wolf:

A former non-profit CEO and US Air Force Captain, Analiza Quiroz Wolf is a seasoned, certified executive coach and CEO of Women of Color Rise, an equity-based coaching firm focused on diverse leaders. She coaches social entrepreneurs, C-suite leaders, and CEOs to build their organizations and expand their impact. Analiza recently published “The Myths of Success: A Woman of Color’s Guide to Leadership.” Drawing on research-based practices and stories from women leaders of color from her podcast Women of Color Rise, the book empowers women of color to ascend to the C-Suite. Analiza leads an online Women of Color Rise Next Level Leadership Course.

In this episode Analiza and I discussed:

  • How her own story influenced the need to debunk the myths of success and the research and experiences that went into it.
  • How our strategies for success often come from those who want the best for us but those strategies don’t always translate into success at work.
  • The notion that you will be seen, acknowledged and rewarded by focusing on your responsibilities and working hard.
  • How growing your influence is about developing relationships with others and again doesn’t involve a lot of hard work.
  • Letting go of leadership stereotypes so your own strengths as a leader can emerge.

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