199: Astrid Mueller on Creating Soulful Branding

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Astrid Mueller is a creative serial SOUL-preneur with a background in branding and design, who loves helping women to dream big and shoot for the stars. She works specifically with soulful women freelancers and soul-preneurs who struggle getting their dream business off the ground. Astrid helps them ignite their superpowers and create a successful, beautiful brand their customers love.

Originally from Switzerland, Astrid followed her heart to beautiful Kodiak Island, Alaska, from where she connects and empowers women around the world.

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Playing Small Moment

About 10 years ago, Astrid was trying to get her name out at a trade show in Europe when she was drawn to a stand selling handbags with her idol’s illustrations on them. Since she, too, was an illustrator, Astrid spoke to the owner hoping to work for him. When the owner asked if she had experience designing handbags, Astrid regretfully said no. She felt discouraged, but went home and did her research. This is when Astrid learned that sometimes you just have to be a little bold and go after what you want.

The Wake Up Call

Astrid attended a training called Unstoppable Live, where they were selling a program for five figures that she was interested in. Unsure how she could afford it and scared to death, Astrid took a moment to center herself. She heard her heart screaming to jump at this opportunity and decided she could come up with a way to invest. Astrid went downstairs and spoke to someone about the program and ended up breaking down with all of the empowerment she felt by saying yes. Since then, Astrid has been on such a positive roll and has lost her scarcity mindset.

Style of Leadership

Astrid only recently started seeing herself as a leader and she still finds herself caught off guard hearing herself referred to as a leader. Astrid is happy and easy going and loves to come from a place of collaboration, inspiration and empowerment in all situations.

What Are You Excited About?

Astrid feels so blessed to be super excited about everything she is currently doing. Over the last two years, she has found her calling helping female entrepreneurs who are a lot like her younger self. Astrid uses her branding super powers and laws of attraction to help those women achieve their goals in one-on-one coaching sessions.

Astrid is also working on an exciting artistic side project with 10 other female artists. She was looking for ways to bring back the use of her art, and got inspired by her oracle cards. The oracle cards they are collaborating to create will focus on inspiring and empowering female freelancers and soul-preneurs in their business and in life.

Current Business Challenge

Astrid refers to her ongoing business challenge as grounded leverage, staying grounded and centered and having free time while also growing her business. It’s a work in progress for Astrid, where she feels she’s got it, but has to remain aware of it.

Leadership Practice

Astrid is adamant on always listening to her heart and centering herself.

Advice For Younger Self

Astrid would tell her younger self to stop hustling, look for her inner north star sooner, and to follow what helps her open up to her own heart, soul, and desires.

Inspirational Quote

“Follow the fun that comes from the heart.” – Astrid Mueller





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