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232: Christina Vinters on What’s Possible When You Shed Self-Limiting Beliefs

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Christina Vintners's HeadshotChristina Vinters is a Chartered Divorce Mediator. She left her position as a big firm divorce attorney last year to transition from the traditional adversarial process into the healthier and more efficient arena of consensual dispute resolution. Her company, Modern Separations, provides e-mediation to clients across most of Canada and the United States by Skype and phone. She is the author of Pathways to Amicable Divorce, and she provides business consulting to other divorce professionals.

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Playing Small Moment

Christina liked her job and colleagues, and also made an excellent salary. This is how Christina thought it should be. She started to feel withdrawn and her anxiety was high. Christina knew she had to take a risk to start her own business, and eventually made the leap.

The Wake Up Call

Christina and her family travelled to Thailand for a vacation of a lifetime. During a layover on the way back, Christina opened her work email for the first time, and was suddenly overcome with dread. In that moment, she turned to her husband and made a plan.

Style of Leadership

Christina likes to enable the consideration of possibilities and lead by example by being cutting edge in her field. Given her experience, Christina likes to encourage open mindedness and creative thinking. She also tends to be the calm in the storm.

What Are You Excited About?

Christina is excited about her new podcast that her and her husband started for entrepreneur couples. They interview couples, as well as experts in all sorts of areas in business, communication and wellness.

Current Business Challenge

Christina struggles with coordinating all of her projects that she has ideas for. Blessing and a curse. Enjoying her work so much that its difficult to take a break, take time with the family.

Leadership Practice

Christina is constantly learning, as she tends to get bored. By learning something new, she is always bringing fresh ideas and new skills to the community.

Advice For Younger Self

Keep going. There is always more to learn and lots of time.

Inspirational Quote

“If you want to fly, give up what weighs you down.” ~Toni Morrison


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