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176: Daniel Bielak on Inspiring Young Leaders of Today

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young leadersChanging the world is the reason Daniel Bielak wakes up in the morning. A dynamic speaker and presenter, Daniel’s desire for change has led him to start the Youth Empowerment Podcast, and business On the podcast, he has interviewed some of the world’s greatest influencers, leaders and inspirational people.

With a passion for entrepreneurship, helping others and changing the world, don’t be surprised if he’s impacting one hundred thousand youth by the end of 2016, and one million within 3 years. Look out for him in 2035 when he is sworn into office and becomes Prime Minister of Canada.

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A Woman Who Has Impacted You as a Leader

Daniel was born nine weeks premature, and diagnosed with asthma. He spent most of his childhood sick, due to his allergic reaction to the asthma medication he was prescribed. His mother took him to the Mayo clinic when she was tired of seeing her son suffer.

His Impact on Women as Leaders

Daniel’s initiative is to empower men to embrace their feminine aspects — which he knows will, in turn, empower the females in their lives.

What He Sees That Holds Women Back

Daniel sees women challenged with the confidence to ask questions or to challenge an idea.

What He Has Learned From Women

Daniel is learning to be emotionally open and more vulnerable from the women he works with.

What Changes Are Necessary for Women to Step Up as Leaders

Daniel believes women can benefit from leadership classes, but internally leading their own lives towards their visions and goals before they attempt to lead a team, is a best practice. He says “find out who you are, and then drive your leadership towards it.”

What Are You Excited About

Daniel is excited about his podcast and about publishing the new “You Empower” magazine.

Inspirational Quote

“There is no not.” ― Daniel Bielak






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