143: Dave Frees on Evolving from Persuasion to Influence

influenceSteve Forbes, the Editor-In-Chief of Forbes Media has called him a “Grand Master” of communications skills and Elite Books has called him “One of the fifty most influential business thinkers today”.

Dave Frees is an attorney, author, entrepreneur and speaker who has lived a fascinating life that took him across the globe and exposed him to master communicators, persuaders, and negotiators in hundreds of nations and across many cultures. He is a master of teaching enhanced communication and how to go from being persuasive to being truly influential.

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A Woman Who Has Influenced Your Life

Dave lives and works in a very estrogen-rich environment but his earth-mother wife has the biggest impact on him as a leader. Dave is normally the fiery one and his wife has a more subtle way of dealing with things in their relationship. An example of this is when Dave increases the sound of his voice intentionally with their children. His wife thought it had gone a little too far so she calmly pointed out that raising his voice did not seem to be an effective way of communicating with the kids. She pointed it out several times until Dave realized she was right and promptly stopped raising his voice.

What He Sees That Hold Women Back

Dave notices that many intellectual women, especially in helping professions, do not charge clients what they are worth. He says they seem to be afraid to take credit for their hard work. And, they are often surprised to learn that if they don’t charge people, they will not believe the service offered has value.

What He Has Learned from Women

Women have taught Dave two very important things. One is the skill of being adaptable in their communication style and they are good at making sure their message is heard which led to him writing his book, The Language of Parenting. The second is the skill of patience when communicating.

The Necessary Changes

Dave sees many women who are leaders or in the process of becoming leaders who impose limitations on themselves. He believes that if they overcome internal objections they can hone in on their leadership skills.

What Are You Excited About?

Dave’s new program, Persuasion to Influence, has him really excited. He is building and testing different aspects of his program at his live events.

Inspirational Quote

“No plan survives contact with the enemy. So, plan early and often.” ~Dave Frees

“The quality of my communication is the quality of the response I get.” ~Dave Frees

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