A Model for You to Process Change and Emotions

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Understanding the Emotional Change Curve

According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, every organization has an emotional culture. Even if the culture one of suppressing emotions. “By not only allowing emotions into the workplace, but also understanding and consciously shaping them, leaders can better motivate their employees.” To dive more deeply into this topic I reached out to a colleague of mine, Joy Stickel.

Joy was the first person to introduce me to the emotional change curve and it’s impacts in the workplace.

Meet Joy Stickel

Joy Stickel is an accomplished and highly motivated global human resources leader with a deep passion for work in the talent and culture space. Her HR career spans over 25 years and extends across a range of industries. They include hospitality, high tech, life sciences, and pharma. She is currently the Executive Director of Talent Management and Development for Sumitomo Pharma.

Joy is a transformational coach and change agent with a record of success in developing strategies that support individuals and organizations to transition through times of significant change. She is driven to elevate and transform workplace experiences that inspire purpose, connection, and impact. 

When I asked Joy about her inspiration, she shared that she has been inspired by some exceptional female leaders and also lots of extraordinary working moms. Joy has a lot to share when it comes to career development and helping women navigate what success means to them. She always welcomes the opportunity to share her experiences and strengths. And, one of her favorite things is carving out time to mentor young women.

In this episode Joy and I discuss…

  • Where the concept of the emotional change curve came from.
  • What the emotional change curve looks like at work.
  • How you as a leader can use this information to help guide your team and colleagues through each stage.

Emotional Change Curve

emotional change curve

How to find Joy:

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