[Coaching] Finding Your Footing Again After Rapid Changes

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Are you having trouble finding your footing?

Have you ever received a promotion in which your manager becomes your peer?

If you have you know it’s a big transition on top of an already big transition. The intensity of the change in relationship will depend on the relationship you already had with your former manager, but even in the best circumstances it will be a little unsettling. Especially if you have differing opinions in a management meeting.

I have Liz Johnson with me for a coaching episode of the podcast today and this is one of the things we’re discussing.

Meet Liz Johnson

Liz Johnson is the VP of Research and Development for a private, mid-sized biopolymer company located in the upper Mid-West of the United States. She holds a BA in Chemistry and a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering specializing in implantable polymeric biomaterials. Liz grew up on the East Coast, studied in the Mid-West and West Coast. She is now back in the Mid-West where she lives with her husband, 3 kids and 2 dogs. Liz’s passion is bringing people, process, and technology together to launch great products. 

In this Coaching Episode Liz and I discussed:

  • How homing in on your personal mission will help you navigate career choices.
  • Strategies for reducing overwhelm and setting priorities.
  • Reframing your perspective and questions to ask your team to identify opportunities to delegate.
  • How to gain buy-in when decisions need to be made quickly.
  • Finding common ground with someone you used to report to, who is now your peer.

Is a Current Challenge Your Priority?

Listening to what another woman is going through, you get insights by understanding the strategy she will implement to overcome her challenge. For this reason, I would love to do more On-Air Coaching Calls on this podcast.

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Resolve challenges at work by gaining insights and strategies to apply to them. The women listening to your episode will learn from your experience. They will gain new insights that they can use at work. 

Priority Takeaways…

What were your takeaways from this on-air coaching call?

Head over to LinkedIn to share your thoughts and takeaways on the post corresponding to this episode. I would love to hear what stood out most for you.

If your last promotion has you experiencing and confronting challenges you haven’t faced before, consider working with me. I would love to support you through this transition, help you get your bearings and feeling confident in your leadership once again.

You can find a link to schedule a time to chat with me in the episode description. If you’re listening through a mobile device that link will be in your podcast app. On the Women Taking the Lead website the link will be toward the bottom of the episode webpage.

If you are going to ask your company to sponsor you to work with a coach, there’s also a link to access a checklist that will help you prepare for the conversation.

As always, I hope this was of value to you and here’s to your success!


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