100% Jodi: Achieving Your Goal May Require You to Ask for Help

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Hello everyone and thank you for joining me for this month-end episode on goals.

Here in the US we just had our Thanksgiving Day celebrations and I am now in a detox mode. Luckily I had the opportunity to help my brother and his wife move so I’ve burned off most of what I consumed and now I’m just waiting for the cravings to go away.

Now we are in full swing for the holidays and I am wishing you all peace, joy, and happiness as you make your plans, do your shopping, wrap your gifts, and make time for all the holiday parties and events that you want to attend. Remember, you don’t have to attend them all. Celebrate the holidays in the way that fulfills you.

Last December I did a series of episodes to walk you through my goal setting process and I used myself as an example to take you through all the steps.

I promised during that time that I would keep you updated on my progress toward my goals in the hope that it would be helpful for you as you work toward accomplishing your goals. I want you to know we are in this together.

This episode is the progress report on my goals through November.

During the Goal setting series I identified four focus areas that were important to me this year and each area has a specific goal assigned to it.

Focus area #1 Increase profitability in my business

Goal: have a net income (earnings minus expenses) of $80,000 minimum this year.

With the help of my mastermind group and doing a goals review back in June I created 4 sub-goals for this goal. These sub-goals are, by year end:

  1. Have had 12 new Executive Leadership Coaching clients. This is coaching that focuses on leaders within organizations to help them with their performance as well as happiness and fulfillment at work. I have a total of 8 clients who fall into this category and there is still a potential for 2-3 more in the coming month.
  2. Do 10 corporate workshops. I have done 4 thus far this year and have 2 more on the books. One thing that has been happening lately as well is I’ve been receiving requests to speak at different events for leaders, for women, and for women in leadership. Although this was not what I envisioned when I made the plan to promote the workshops I do, getting paid to speak definitely falls into the scope of this sub-goal. Although I haven’t completed my goals process for 2019, speaking nationally has definitely been on my radar and I’ve been talking about it openly for the last 6 months.
  3. Promote the DIY products that are on the Women Taking the Lead website. This category has not gotten much movement and I mentioned last month that I may have to hire a marketing person to help with this. It just so happens I heard through the grapevine that someone I already know, respect and love in my network has repositioned her business to helping businesses move their online products and programs. I just need to schedule the coffee date with her to find out more.
  4. Do two more group programs by the end of the year. Though The Accomplished Course was a fail I am 100% focused on my goals workshop, Create and Achieve Goals that are Worthy of You. I’ve already gotten registrations and a list of women to follow up with who said they definitely wanted to do the workshop but have not registered yet.

October was a great month with the Profit and Loss report showing a net profit of $9007.24. This is well above the $6800 net profit I’m looking for each month. This is partly because an ongoing client who renewed my largest coaching package gave October a nice boost.

Focus area #2 Build more strength and endurance


Goal: do 1000 Spartan-regulation burpees in good form within one workout by the end of October. Separately, do an unassisted pull-up before the end of this year.

As reported I have accomplished my goal to do 1000 chest-to-ground burpees in one workout and I am continuing to do 500 burpees in a workout per week to maintain my fitness level.

My nutrition is still off and I continue to work on that. I want to think I can function with a mentality of I can eat anything in moderation but the more and more I experiment with this the more I find it’s not true.

Gretchen Rubin, who focuses her work on happiness and good habits, proposes that, especially when it comes to food people tend to fall into two categories: moderators and abstainers.

Moderators feel deprived if they can’t have a little bit of the unhealthy or “culprit” foods that they enjoy. As the label implies, they feel happiest when they can eat things in moderation.

Abstainers, on the other hand, are happiest if they take those danger foods out of the equation. Once an abstainer has a little bit of the danger food it triggers a reaction and they will tend to binge those foods and/or suffer from strong cravings for days.

I am an abstainer and I have to just acknowledge it. I have a few friends who are moderators and I can see that the thought of me depriving myself of sugar, cheese or alcohol unsettles them, so I have experimented with being a moderator in the past month. Guess what, it was a colossal fail and I have found myself overeating foods I didn’t even think about when I took those foods off the menu.

So, I’m going to do a little detox for my body and go back to rarely eating my danger foods with full awareness that I will be uncomfortable with cravings for 2-3 days after should I nibble them.

Let’s talk about the unassisted pull-up. I’ve got one month left and I am making some progress. There are exercised I am doing with a band to strengthen my mid-back. I have upped my weights for shoulder exercises and bicep curls. And I’m essentially doing negative pull-ups where I jump up so my chin is above the pull-up bar and slowly lower down. I’m really hoping to check this goal off around Christmas, God help me.

Focus are #3 Romantic Partnership


Goal: Be in a committed monogamous relationship with a man.

Although there is still some activity in this area I am finding I’m still not into this goal right now, even with my practices of being more feminine and flirty. This is one of the busiest times of year for the marketing of my business and for the past month I’ve found my attention, energy and resources almost completely consumed by this.

Typically what needs to happen to get me out of this mode is for someone really interesting to come along, get my attention, and then my mentality and being shifts into a more femininity and flirty mode.

My business is like my small child and it’s my livelihood. This is a precarious time for me so it’s going to take someone with a lot of potential to make we want to dedicate my down-time for messaging and dating.

I am matching and having conversations but they’ve been lackluster lately.

Perhaps the holidays will change my mood, bring lots of new business so I can stop being in marketing overdrive.

Final thought and in full disclosure, I’m a coach and I’ve been working on this goal for the better part of a year with not a lot of traction. I’m fully aware that it’s unlikely that I will be in a committed monogamous relationship by the end of the year. I’m still invested in this goal, however, if I’m not on my way to accomplishing this goal by the end of the year, much like I did with the burpee goal, I’m going to find someone with expertise to help me see what I’m not seeing and make some changes.

Focus area #4 Live Events

Goal: Do a live workshop in the 4th quarter of this year.

This goal is nearly complete. Barring any disasters this is happening next week. This goal, no surprise, happened because I announced my intention to do a live event, I shared it with my network and soon other people were helping me to accomplish it. I’m not saying I didn’t have a lot of tasks to complete to make it happen, I’m saying it all started happening when I stopped trying to figure it out on my own and I allowed myself to receive help in the form of suggestions and coaching from others. Again, we are seeing a trend here of getting the support of others to complete the goal.

There is still time to register if you are listening to this episode the week it released. If you are ready to do something different for 2019 and would love to meet some other awesome women who are thinking the same think go to womentakingthelead.com/goals2019 to register. Now is the time to begin making 2019 your year.

And for those of you who wanted to be at the workshop but could not make it because of timing or distance I’m opening up my schedule to do 2-hour video calls to guide you through the goals process individually. This is private coaching with me to nail down those 2019 goals that are worthy of you before the New Year comes. Email me at jodi@womentakingthelead.com to find out more.

Quick Update on my Mom

My Mom has had her fourth chemo treatment but soon after developed an infection and became dehydrated. We discovered this when she was taken to the emergency room. She was admitted to the hospital to run more tests, and to allow her to hydrate and receive her antibiotics intravenously.

Her oncologist decided she is done with chemo but will continue with the Herceptin. One of my sisters and I will be accompanying her this week for that treatment and there will be more information and decisions to make in the coming week.

Seeing her at Thanksgiving was a little shocking. I’ve been talking to her on the phone and had been informed of some of the changes to her body and appearance but actually being with her and seeing it form myself is another thing altogether.

She remains positive and even read a letter to the family on Thanksgiving on how thankful she is for the health she has and that her cancer has brought many blessings into her life.

Thank you again and again for your thoughts, prayers and messages. They make a difference. Please know that, they make a difference.

As always I hope this update was of value to you and here’s to your success!

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