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236: Maegan Watson on Evolving Your Business

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Maegan Watson's HeadshotMaegan Watson is a personal stylist and founder at Watson Style Group, a firm dedicated to creating wardrobes that practically hand you your outfit every time you get dressed so you feel the way you want and love the way you look.  She has nearly a decade of experience supporting amazing women to feel great in their clothing so they’re empowered to stand out and speak up. She solves the unending question of “what should I wear today?” so your energy is reserved for family, fulfilling work, and fun! She lives in Chicago with her son, husband and chocolate lab.

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Playing Small Moment

Maegan offers complimentary styling sessions for new prospects. These 75-minute calls are super valuable and everyone really enjoys them. Wanting to increase the number of leads, Maegan started offering incentives for people to sign up for the calls. This actually had a negative affect on sales. People were signing up for the calls to receive the freebies, but not to work with Watson Styling Group. Maegan realized she was undervaluing herself, while also draining herself and the admin team.

Style of Leadership

Maegan’s leadership is constantly evolving. A key component to her leadership is giving credit to her team. When good things happen throughout the day, Maegan is mindful to take the time to send positive recognition to the team.

What Are You Excited About?

This past summer, Maegan and her team laughed a new membership subscription for her styling service. For a monthly fee, members are granted unlimited access to the talented team of stylists. Maegan is having a blast with this new project!

Current Business Challenge

As fun as the new membership group is, it also brings a lot of challenges as well. The ease to sign women up just isn’t there with the new structure, but the members who are there are extremely happy.

Leadership Practice

Taking 100% of the responsibility, 100% of the time is very important to Maegan. It allows the other person to have some space, but it allows the other person to take 100% responsibility as well. It’s ok if you need a day or two, but as long as you get there genuinely, its a fantastic, freeing practice.

Advice For Younger Self

Maegan would tell her undergrad self to stop being fueled by success and realize that it isn’t healthy. Maegan’s mom tells her students that the joy should be in the process of learning, and not in receiving an A.

Inspirational Quote

“We are not given dreams or ideas without the ability to create them. We are not given the vision of ourselves without the bravery to being this vision to life. All you have to do is tell yourself that you are worth it, over and over.”



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