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184: Marissa Levin on Creating Cultures of Servant Leadership

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As CEO of Successful Culture, Marissa helps CEOs master the three most critical aspects of business growth: leadership development, strategy formulation and execution, and organizational culture assessment and improvement. Marissa also helps CEOs build the supporting communities they need to grow, including advisory boards and CEO roundtables. Successful Culture ensures organizations have the strongest internal infrastructures and external support systems required to build their greatest organizations, and reach their greatest potential.

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Playing Small Moment

When Marissa worked for a company before starting her own business, she was a protégé to the CEO. She had built a business case about why she deserved a raise and the CEO told her she would never be worth more than $34K to his company. For a moment, Marissa thought maybe I am only worth a certain amount. She then remembered her mother saying “Never let anyone else determine your value.”

The Wake Up Call

After a government initiative to only accept lowest-cost providers, Marissa decided her values were not alignment with this style of business, so she left for her own company.

Style of Leadership

Marissa is a servant leader. She believes in a supreme service model for those who work for her and those she works for.

What Are You Excited About?

Marissa’s book, Built to SCALE, helps companies build advisory boards. She is excited to work with CEOs to implement the SCALE model. She also is introducing new roundtables to an existing project and working on her third book.

Current Business Challenge

Marissa has a tremendous vision for successful culture, and her biggest challenge is to execute all of the many pieces she has planned.

Your Support System

Marissa has a dedicated team of advisors, a Mastermind group, and an EO forum, and her girlfriends are her lifeline of emotional and moral support.

Leadership Practice

Marissa intentionally educates herself, and is constantly aware of the information she takes in.

Book to Develop Leadership

The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz

Advice For Younger Self

“Hire more slowly and fire faster,” and, “Surround yourself with great people.”

Inspirational Quote

Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
“The trouble is, you think you have time.”


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