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223: Naomi Amat on the Need to Nourish Yourself

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Naomi is a mother of a child on the autism spectrum and a specialist coach for families like hers. She manages an amazing movement Autism Living Life On The Spectrum which consists of over 9,000 people touched by Autism and/or Special Needs, with a focus in helping families create a life where they can turn the obstacles they are presented with into opportunities.

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Playing Small Moment

Ten years ago, Naomi and her family were away for her a wedding, and her son had an accident and fell out of a window. During the healing process for her son, she realized that everything they had done had been centered around her son for so long. Changes in focus needed to take place so Naomi could put some energy into herself and what she wanted to do in life.

The Wake Up Call

Naomi and her family were struggling with her son. She made some great progress working with him and family dynamics started to move forward, but she felt unfulfilled. Naomi was a busy mom who realized all that she had gained from other people and their journeys. With that inspiration, Naomi started a Facebook group that featured her learnings, and it took off from there.

Style of Leadership

Naomi looks at the emotional, physical, and mental impact as well as family dynamic, to figure out how to move forward from situations that may seem negative and turn them into a positive.

What Are You Excited About?

Naomi is working on creating Autism acceptance on a global level.

Current Business Challenge

Naomi finds that most people have a preconceived idea of autism and she is working on changing that perception while educating at all levels.

Leadership Practice

Naomi believes in always reflecting on what is happening around her. Sharing her stories and coming out the other side has been empowering.

Advice For Younger Self

Embrace change ourselves to be able to see that change is a possibility for others.

Inspirational Quote

“By nurturing you, you can better nurture your family too.”


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