193: Natalie Eckdahl on Planning for Profits

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Natalie Eckdahl is a business coach, professional facilitator, keynote speaker and host of the Biz Chix Podcast which iTunes ranked a #1 New Business Podcast in March 2014. Natalie has an international coaching practice where she works with female entrepreneurs desiring to grow a profitable business whether they are just starting out or have a million dollar company. She leverages her 20 years of business experience, graduate business degree and social media savvy to help her clients efficiently adapt their business to their family life and individual priorities. She is the busy mom of three children ranging in age from 2-14 and starts her day with a steaming cup of Ethiopian Coffee!

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Playing Small Moment

When Natalie started her podcast, she thought her show would be an instant hit with the sponsorship to go with it. After a year with lots of expenses and absolutely no revenue, Natalie had to reassess her plan and focus on her niche audience. After a mentor suggestion, Natalie came up with a new plan which has helped her business soar.

The Wake Up Call

In the Fall of 2015, Natalie and her husband sat down and discussed their financial goals for the upcoming year. With a set number of revenue that would be transferred to the family account each month, Natalie would be able to prioritize her expenses while also seeing the rewarding amount she had actually earned.

Style of Leadership

Natalie is confident that just 60 minutes with her in a strategy call, she can help any entrepreneur with their business. Inside that very call, Natalie can become familiar with their current success and how to further develop it.

What Are You Excited About?

Natalie is excited about certain trends she discovered this year and has come to really understand the entrepreneurial woman. She is excited to help women profit their business and to see traction build in her own after 3 years.

Current Business Challenge

Not wanting to cut corners, Natalie struggles to find time to create a bigger team she can properly delegate to. This is due to her very busy schedule.

Your Support System

With Natalie’s current struggles of establishing a new team, her husband has agreed to step in to help and be her tech handyman. Natalie also has a mastermind that has helped her along the way.

Leadership Practice

A self-proclaimed podcast junkie, Natalie often learns from fellow podcasters through binge listening once she’s found a favorite. This auditory practice helps to expand her show and interviewing skill, by exposing herself to a wide ranging set of styles.

Resource to Develop Leadership

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

Advice For Younger Self

If Natalie had the chance, she would tell her younger self that you can’t plan it all out. “You don’t know where life is going.” She had a whole plan in her 20s, and things have been so pleasantly different. It was through all of the things that weren’t in the plan that made her who she is today.

Inspirational Quote

“Do it scared.”


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