Rebecca Muriuki on Removing Obstacles to Empower Women of Color to Thrive in Leadership

Are you at a loss for how you can actively support and empower women of color to thrive in leadership?

I often look at reports showing the current numbers of people in all levels of leadership. And, regardless of the level of leadership, the industry, etc., women of color are in the lowest percentiles.

This conversation with Rebecca Muriuki explores positioning yourself for a leadership promotion as a woman of color. We discuss the challenges women of color navigate, and how we can all be part of the diversity change that we want to see in corporate leadership.

This conversation will give you practical tips to create environments for women of color to feel a sense of belonging in their current teams, while also helping them feel empowered in their career ambitions.

Meet Rebecca Muriuki

Rebecca Muriuki, the host of the elevateHER Podcast, is a Leadership and Certified Mindset Coach who helps black corporate career women secure leadership positions and confidently get seen, promoted, and paid as the leaders they deserve to be.

Rebecca has helped women become potently visible inside boardrooms and around leadership tables, while staying true to who they are and what they stand for. She helps her clients create a value proposition and an intentional path to get promoted from manager level to senior leadership and executive positions in their organizations.

Rebecca is an Associate Director in the largest global audit firm and has transitioned into different leadership roles throughout her 12-year career.

In this episode Rebecca Muriuki and I talk about:

  • Rebecca’s path to advancement as a woman of color.
  • Implementing strategies for creating inclusive workplace environments.
  • Navigating the unique challenges and opportunities faced by women of color in leadership.
  • Fostering leadership skills that empower managers to advance their careers and drive positive change in their organizations.
  • The #1 mistake to avoid when reducing barriers to leadership opportunities to have more diversity in leadership.

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