Dr. Brittney Ezell on Redefining Failure

Dr. Brittney Ezell on Redefining Failure

Are you ready to redefine failure and discover how to tap into confidence?

I’m chatting with Dr. Brittney Ezell who shares her unique perspective on redefining failure, courage, and quitting.

Meet Dr. Brittney Ezell

Dr. Brittany Ezell is a former college basketball head coach, a dynamic public speaker with a doctorate in Leadership. With a remarkable history as an SEC athlete, she now embarks on a new journey in entertainment ticketing and real estate, leveraging her nearly three decades of leadership in collegiate sports. Renowned for talent development and adept event management, Brittney is recognized for her investment in people, effective communication, and instant rapport-building. Named Executive Vice President of Elite Entertainment Experiences and later CEO & Team Leader at Keller Williams – Johnson City, she embodies a winning mindset, fostering transformative relationships and, as you’ll experience, exuding infectious enthusiasm.

Redefining Failure: In this episode Brittney and I discuss:

1. Failure is Not the End. Brittney emphasizes that failure is not the opposite of success but an integral part of it. It’s an event, not a quality of a person. Instead of fearing failure, we should embrace it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Now that’s redefining failure!

2. Courage is a Choice. Courage isn’t an inherent trait; it’s a choice we make when faced with challenges. By acknowledging that courage can be summoned when needed, we can build our confidence over time.

3. Confidence is Rooted in Past Success. Confidence is not something we can instantly generate. It’s a product of our past successes. Building confidence is like stacking small wins, which eventually lead to a strong belief in oneself.

4. The Importance of Mentorship. Surrounding yourself with mentors who hold up a mirror to your potential can be transformational. They help you see your unique strengths and capabilities.

5. Quitting vs. Pivoting. Quitting is giving up on yourself; it’s discarding your skills, experiences, and unique qualities. Pivoting, on the other hand, is about redirecting your path while retaining your core self.

Where to find Brittney:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brittney-ezell-edd-1134784b/

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