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075: Robyn Barnes on the Philosophy of Carpe Diem

carpe diemRobyn Barnes lives in North Yarmouth, Maine, with her husband and two children, Nicholas who is 23 and Alexandra who is 18 and a freshman in college. Since returning to Maine in 1989, Robyn has managed and operated her own businesses, which allowed her to raise her children and work at the same time. Her latest adventure with co-owner Barb Brown is Carpe Diem, a wine room located in Yarmouth, Maine.

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Playing Small Moment

Robyn got a job at a law firm and expected to go in and take charge, but she realized that was not the case. The value of her contributions was not getting her anywhere. Robyn ended up staying at the law firm much longer than she should have. She feels like she lost a piece of herself from doing that job.

The Wake Up Call

When Robyn had her first son, she had a wake up call. She had always taken the traditional 9-5 jobs as long as they gave her a paycheck. When her son was born, she decided she wanted it all, and she knew that she could have it all. When she got pregnant, she wanted to work to fulfill her own needs, rather than everyone else’s. Robyn definitely had to make sacrifices to make it work. She would stay up working until 2am and on weekends when things had to get done, to make sure her kids could stay home.

Style of Leadership

Robyn calls herself an extrovert and says she has a type A personality. She believes there are leaders and followers, and we need both. Robyn is a leader with an evolving leadership style.

What Are You Excited About?

Event planning through her business, the Carpe Diem Wine Room, has Robyn feeling really excited right now. Robyn loves being able to plan and bring joy to events, and she appreciates the opportunity for financial gain that is tied in with doing that job.

Leadership Practice

Listening makes Robyn a better leader. It’s been more obvious to her as she gets older. Taking the time to allow someone to open up brings another piece of importance to her leadership practice.

Book to Develop Leadership

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz

What Would You Change?

If Robyn could tell her younger self anything, it would be not to take it all so seriously.

Inspirational Quote

“Never dull your sparkle.” ~ Robyn Barnes

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