Stephen Josephs on Transcending Your Ego to Resolve Conflict

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Stephen Josephs, Ed.D. is a leadership development expert. He is dedicated to helping leaders shape their culture and bring out people’s best work in ways they haven’t thought of before. He is particularly interested in the strengths women bring to their leadership roles, and he helps them build their capacities and skills to thrive in today’s business environments. In his 40 years of leadership development work in corporations he has integrated mindfulness as a central part of developing executives.

His recent course, Mindfulness 2.0 for Engineers, has received high ratings from participants.

In this episode Stephen and I discuss…

  • How taking on a new role can be a good fit, and sometimes you have to make it your own.
  • The challenges faced after taking on a new role when you bump up against the culture.
  • A role play that can help you get a win-win in a confrontational conversation, and create an opportunity to transform your relationships with those whom you had perceived as adversaries.
  • How to get at the original source of inspiration that is there for all of us.
  • A powerful practice that allows you to build rapport and a connection with anyone.


Books: Dragons at Work and Leadership Agility 




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