Tarryn MacCarthy on Using Your Values to Make Life Easier

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Dr Tarryn MacCarthy is a Business Owner, Orthodontist, and Empowerer of women and men. She is the leader of her family, her team, and her community. She speaks to the strength of acknowledging our core values and honoring authenticity. Her goal is to empower leaders like you to live your very best lives.

In this episode Tarryn and I discuss…

  • Why it’s so important to examine, challenge, identify and live by your Core Values to find satisfaction and success in your business, career and family.
  • The tendencies that will have you compromise your values and take you away from being your best and achieving your goals
  • The need to redefine work/life balance and recognizing it’s not a one-size-fits-all.
  • How self-evaluation is the beginning to all of this but low self-worth can sabotage this exploration because you many not think yourself worthy of taking the time to give yourself special attention.
  • That taking care of ourselves is initially a brave thing and becomes a gift to others.


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