How to Sustainably See More Women in Top Leadership

Are you aware that a 2022 Women in the Workplace study shows that women make up 48% of entry level positions, but only 26% of C-Suite positions?

These numbers can be even more stark in male-dominated industries. You can only imagine how delighted I was to meet Sarah O’Hare of Freudenberg Group, a global solutions company that is developing innovative technologies across 40 market segments.

Meet Sarah O’Hare

Sarah O’Hare serves as the President, North America and Global Head of Human Resources. The company is based in Weinheim, Germany and employs 51,000 people worldwide.

As the Global Head of HR, Sarah focuses on strategic benchmarking in order to ensure ample opportunities are in place for women. These efforts have resulted in a 32% increase in women holding specialist and management positions and she’s going to share another mind-blowing stat regarding women in top leadership in our conversation to come.

Immersing herself in various cultures and countries across the globe and spearheading initiatives in her various career roles, Sarah remains passionate about cultivating a culture that lifts its people up.

In this episode Sarah and I discussed:

💙Power of presence and collaboration: the importance of showing up, contributing thoughtfully, and aligning with others.

💙How diverse perspectives fuel innovation and problem-solving.

💙Customizing strategies promoting diversity in male-dominated companies based on the company’s culture.

💙The importance of CEO support and individual actions in promoting inclusion. This includes holding executives accountable, setting measurable goals, and creating a culture that values diverse voices.

💙And, leaving a legacy. Your time is limited. What do you want to impact in the time you have?

Where You Can Find Sarah:

On LinkedIn:

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