[Coaching] Constructively Dealing with Unconscious Bias

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It will come as a surprise to almost no one that I discuss unconscious bias with my clients who are women leaders.

Unconscious bias, also known as implicit bias, is often defined as prejudice or unsupported judgments in favor of or against one thing, person, or group as compared to another. And it is typically done in a way that is considered unfair.

Research suggests that unconscious bias occurs automatically. The brain makes quick judgments based on past experiences and background. As a result of unconscious biases, certain people benefit and other people are penalized.

We all have unconscious biases. Men and women, young and old, people from every ethnic background and every socioeconomic class.

If you are able to catch your biases and challenge them yourself, great. But it’s not likely to go down that way. It’s more likely someone else will point your biases out for you.

This comes back to the fact that these biases are unconscious. You’re making judgments without realizing it. It is largely with the help of others that these blind spots come into your awareness.

Becoming aware of and removing your unconscious biases takes an openness to hear someone out. It takes reflecting on what they share with you. And it takes considering behaving differently going forward.

How to Address Unconscious Bias as a Leader

For many of us, critical feedback causes our defenses to go up. That’s a natural human tendency. It’s an act of courage to point an unconscious bias out to another person.

How the feedback is delivered matters if you want the other person to take in the feedback you are sharing with them.

Keep this in mind as you are preparing to talk to another person about an unconscious bias you’ve observed them display.

This is what came up in a coaching session I had recently with Jaime. She is a member of this community and a member of the military.

The unconscious bias that is typically experienced by women leaders is around their competence. Even though women leaders score higher on competence than their male counterparts, women are still considered to be less competent than men.

This is why mansplaining occurs and it’s why a woman leader’s reports and decisions are more likely to be questioned and second-guessed.

How do you deal with this without losing your mind or your temper?

A Conversation on Unconscious Bias

In this conversation Jaime shares her experiences and ultimately talks through the solution that feels right for her. I think her solution is going to resonate with you as well.

One other note: In our conversation Jaime and I reflected on the fact that if you’re too upset or emotional when bringing up something that happened it can backfire on you. Instead of addressing what happened, the other person becomes more focused on how upset you are. This can undermine your credibility.

It wasn’t until after we completed the recording that Jaime and I both regretted not also mentioning that the ability to express your upset can be a strength. It’s not something you would want to try to get rid of.

There are times when it’s not only okay to be emotional it is, in fact, needed.


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Unconscious Bias TakeAways

What were your takeaways from this on-air coaching call?

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