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153: Abbie McGilvery on Not Letting Anyone Dim Your Sparkle

sparkleAbbie McGilvery is a Social Media Magician (okay, a Social Media Strategist, but that’s close enough!) She serves as an adviser, guide, and mentor for the business owners she works with. Abbie has been called a Marketing Maven and a Networking Expert, but prefers to think of herself as a creative “social media scrapbooker” with a focus on helping business owners build brand visibility and tell their stories on social media channels. Abbie helps business owners, creatives, and leaders get clear on what they do, who they are, and how to share their gifts with the world.

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Playing Small Moment

Abbie dimmed her light for many years because she was afraid someone else would dim it for her. She thought people wouldn’t be ready for her energy. So, when she found herself in a moment of panic after being let go from a job, she went into an interview carrying her doubt and uncertainty on her sleeve. She forgot to interview the company to see if the position they were offering was even a good fit for her. The experience taught her some hard lessons and crushed her spirit.

The Wake Up Call

Abbie was rudely confronted about a photo she used in a company publication. Instead of having a conversation with her, the manager aggressively accused and bullied her. The situation ended with her separation from the organization. She vowed never to allow herself to be treated in that way again and she would make sure the next job she took would be something she wanted.

Style of Leadership

Abbie says there are three things a leader should be or do. They are: 1) Leaders should understand that they do not have to be perfect. 2) Leaders should sit within the circle of their team. 3) Leaders should be authentic and show people what it’s like to be the culture of their organization.

Current Leadership Challenge

Abbie’s current leadership challenge is her plan to scale up. Her service based business will be adding people and they need to have the same values and beliefs she has.

What Are You Excited About?

Abbie is excited about the possibility of helping people pinpoint their dreams and to figure out how they can focus more energy in that direction.

What Does Your Business Support System Look Like?

Abbie figured out that humans were meant to be surviving in tribes by working together and sharing talents. Her best friend and co-worker Angie, along with her parents are always there for her.

Leadership Practice

Abbie’s practice of showing up and listening to other leaders she aspires to be like make her a more effective leader.

Book to Develop Leadership

Rising Strong by Brene Brown

Advice For Younger Self

 “Be big, be bold and don’t ever let anyone dim your light.”

Inspirational Quote

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

“The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.” ~ Mohadesa Najumi



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