009: Letting Your Light Shine Brightly with Carol Hess

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Carol Hess is passionate about two things – the power of words and the empowerment of women.  After 30 years in the communications industry putting the power of words to work as a writer and editor, it was time to make a shift.  Carol founded Star Polisher, an online and Maine-based business that offers workshops, private coaching, and group retreats designed to encourage and inspire women to play big and shine.

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Playing Small Moment

• Carol lived her early years as a people-pleaser and went along with many of the suggestions of the people around her and thus was living a life that wasn’t suited to who she really is.

The Wake Up Call

• After an injury Carol had to spend a lot time sitting still to recover. This left her with a lot of time to think and she realized she was continuing to accept second best in her work.

Style of Leadership

• Being as authentic and transparent as she can be, being a strategic visionary and always looks for the gifts and talents in others and reflects it back to them.

What Are You Excited About?

• Carol will be offering a course to educators this summer to help them to, after a year of developing the greatness in their students, focus on themselves and the development of their own greatness.

Leadership Practice

• Carol hires a coach to help her in her own development.

Book to Develop Leadership

The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte

Favorite Healthy Food

• Green Lemonade: 2 tbls. organic bottled lemon juice, 2 tbls. chlorophyll, water, Stevia to sweeten. Shake and pour over ice.

What Would You Change?

• Carol would do two things. She would trust her gut instinct more and light up; enjoy, love and play.

Inspirational Quote

• “This I know to be true. We are craving to play bigger, to go deeper, to shine.” ~ Danielle LaPorte

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