Is Your Organization Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Ready?

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work within organizations has gotten a lot of press lately. But what does it take for a company to truly become more diverse, equitable and inclusive?

To dive more deeply into the topic for this episode, I have brought on Wema Hoover.

Meet Wema Hoover, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leader

Wema is a DEI leader and former Global head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Google. She has also held executive roles at multiple Fortune 500 companies including Chief Diversity Officer and Global Head of Culture, Inclusion & Diversity at Sanofi and Global Diversity & Inclusion Lead at Pfizer.

Wema is a frequent speaker to business leadership audiences. She is working on a book and has authored many articles such as How to Transform DEI Energy Into Action in the Workplace from INC., and has been featured on Diversity Inc. and other podcasts.

In this episode Wema and I discuss…

  • The approach to embed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into people processes in an organization
  • Gauging company readiness, metrics to measure progress, and creating environments for people to thrive
  • What women can do to create more diversity in their own company

Connect with Wema:

Find her on LinkedIn


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