Elevate Your Style, Simplify Your Routine and Save Money

Have you been struggling with your wardrobe lately?

During the pandemic many of us reverted to a uniform of professional top matched with yoga pants or sweatpants. We were video conference ready and that was fine when we were working from home with cameras on.

Now that return-to-office, hybrid work, in-person conferences and networking events are full-steam ahead, you might be feeling less than excited about the options in your closet.

Our clothes can help bolster our confidence or make us feel blah. And for many of us, our bodies changed, if ever so slightly over the last 3 years.

For the past 6 months or so I’ve been looking at a closet full of clothes convinced I had nothing to wear.

Meet Jenny Eversole of Stylespace

Then I met Jenny Eversole, the founder of Stylespace. Stylespace.com is a virtual styling platform to elevate your style with expert stylists. After nearly a decade running her own fashion label, she learned how personal style can make a big difference in one’s confidence, happiness and overall success. Jenny founded Style Space for people to discover their best style and to look, feel, and BE their best.

This is what Jenny shared with me:

“Throughout the years, our lives change, and as we age, our bodies are meant to change too. With each new season of life, we have the opportunity to express this new chapter with our personal style. It takes time and learning to know what works best for us in this new stage of life. An expert stylist can be very instrumental in helping us define our style in whatever stage of life we are in.”

I took Jenny up on her offer and did a session with a member of her team. I was so thrilled with the results I asked Jenny to come on the Women Taking the Lead podcast to talk about the struggle many of us are having with our closets.

In this episode Jenny and I chatted about…

  • What changed during the pandemic
  • Styling for the office vs. Zoom (Hybrid dressing)
  • Dressing like an executive, approachability
  • My experience working with a stylist
  • 5 takeaway tips you can apply today

Connect with Jenny:









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