[Coaching] You Are the Leader to Develop Other Leaders

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How to Develop Other Leaders

The work I do with my clients often centers around adapting to a new role or promotion. It sounds easy. Yet many of my clients beat themselves up because they assumed it should be an easier transition. It is not.

Taking on a promotion means you will be further away from the hands-on work. Attempts to try to stay close to that work might get in your way.

Your intentions are good. It comes from a good place of wanting to make sure the work his high quality. Yet, this will overwhelm your to-do list and train some bad habits in your team.

Each new role you take on requires mindset changes. You need to shift the way you think of yourself, and how you think you provide the highest value.

This was something a woman in our community, T, realized when she volunteered to do an on-air coaching call with me.

Take a listen to this episode and let me know if any of this resonated with you. I’m offering T some tips and new perspectives, along with a book recommendation that may be helpful to you as well so stay ‘til the end.


If you are new to the Women Taking the Lead podcast…hello and welcome!

I’m Jodi Flynn. I’m an executive leadership coach, speaker, and author. I am the current President of the Board for The Maine Women’s Conference. I have the privilege and joy to work with women leaders to hone the skills and the mindset that allow them to grow into and then thrive in Senior Leadership. My specialization is working with women who are still stabilizing after their last promotion and those who want to be ready for the next one.

It is my belief that for more women to hold positions of senior leadership, there are changes at the individual and organizational level that need to occur. Not only do women need to be trained and coached on how to operate at these levels of leadership, organizations need to change their paradigm of how the work gets done and what supports are in place for leaders to do their job.

If we are not already connected on LinkedIn, please send me an invitation to connect. You can find me directly at linkedin.com/in/jodiflynn, or you can search for Jodi Flynn. I’m very active on LinkedIn so I should be at or near the top of the search results. You’ll see the Follow button is prominent on my profile but if you click on the More button to the right, you’ll find the option to Connect. Click on that and be sure to add a note to the invitation letting me know you are a listener of the podcast. I would love to connect with you and get to know you better.

Would You Like This Opportunity?

There’s so much that can be gained by listening to what another woman is going through. And understanding the strategy she will implement to overcome the challenge she is faced with. This is the reason I would love to do more On-Air Coaching Calls on this podcast.

Are you are a woman in leadership who has been promoted or taken on a new role in the last year? I invite you to apply to be on the Women Taking the Lead podcast. You will be completely anonymous. You won’t need to worry about anyone you work with listening to you talk about your challenges.

This is an opportunity for you to get insights and strategies to overcome any challenges you’ve been faced with at work. And, the other women listening to your episode will learn from your experience and gain insights that they can use at work.

You can find the link that will take you to the application in the episode description in your podcast app or at the bottom of the episode page on the Women Taking the Lead website.

Are You Also the Leader to Develop Other Leaders?

What were your takeaways from this on-air coaching call?

Have you been in a situation similar to T’s? Do you have a great team but it’s really hard for you to take a step back and let them do the work?

Head over to LinkedIn to share your thoughts and takeaways on the post corresponding to this episode. I would love to hear what stood out most for you.

If your last promotion has you experiencing Imposter Syndrome or confronting your identity as a leader, consider working with me. I would love to support you through this transition. I will help you get your bearings and feeling confident in your leadership once again.

Are you knowing something has got to change? I am now opening up my one-hour coaching sessions spots to you.

These sessions had only been available to my ongoing clients. However, doing these on-air coaching calls, I have seen the power of what can be accomplished within an hour.

You can find the link below.

Are going to ask your company to sponsor you to work with a coach? There’s also a link to access a checklist that will help you prepare for the conversation.

As always, I hope this was of value to you and here’s to your success!


One-Hour Leadership Strategy Session: This session is designed to get to the heart of the challenges you are experiencing in your new role. You’ll be sent a quick questionnaire to fill out ahead of our meeting so we can make the most of our time together.

Checklist to Ask Your Company for Coaching: Would coaching help you become a stronger leader? Wondering if your company would pay? It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Apply to be on an “On-Air Coaching” episode: Are you a female leader who has been promoted in the last year? You are invited to apply to be on the podcast.

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