[Coaching] How to Give Feedback to a Difficult Team Member

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Difficult Team Member?

Have you ever had to manage a difficult team member?

It can be a challenge, especially when personalities clash and work styles don’t align. As women leaders, we tend to be conscientious of relationships and want everyone to enjoy their job. But, this can sometimes hold us back from having difficult conversations and giving honest feedback.

In this on-air coaching episode, Louise, a head of department in education, shares her struggles with managing a team member who lacks urgency and falls behind on tasks.

If getting on the same page with someone has been difficult for you, don’t go anywhere, this is episode is going to give you some things to think about.


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Is a Current Challenge Your Priority?

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Priority Takeaways…

What were your takeaways from this on-air coaching call?

If you’ve been frustrated with a team member who is not meeting expectations, were you able to see a different approach you could take in an upcoming conversation with that person?

What would you do differently?

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