Be Human, Be Available and Get to Know Your People

There are companies that have had success creating gender equality in the workplace. This is demonstrated by representation of nearly 50% or more women throughout all levels of leadership in the organization, including the executive level.

Are you curious to know exactly what is making the difference in those companies?

Hint: it might have something to do with the intention to be human first and foremost.

Meet Dana Sente

For this episode I invited Dana Sente, who serves as Vice President, Training and Development for Veris Residential. In this role, Dana identifies and oversees training and employee development for all property positions. She also works closely with the Company’s COO on ways to educate employees about corporate values related to ethics and responsibility.

Dana has developed education programs to support both hard and soft skills for Veris Residential employees. Training opportunities include yearly real estate classes, maintenance certification classes, LEED® certification and other ESG training.

In this episode Dana and I discuss…

  • Dana’s own leadership path
  • What she has put in place at Veris Residential to make sure women’s leadership development needs are being met
  • What companies can do to develop a culture of trust for women
  • The importance of being human, being available and getting to know your people

Connect with Dana:


Learn more about Veris Residential:


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