A Model for Giving Feedback to Your Team

Are you looking to enhance your leadership skills while creating a positive feedback culture within your team?

Constructive feedback is an essential aspect of effective leadership. Additionally, it empowers team members to grow, improve, and reach their full potential. Accordingly, I have Lynae Remindino back. She’s sharing best practices for providing feedback that drive positive change.

Better yet, Lynae is also sharing a model that guides leaders through feedback meetings, ensuring a collaborative and supportive approach.

Meet Lynae Remondino

Lynae Remondino is a Talent Management Director who is a genius at unlocking potential while improving organizational effectiveness and efficiencies. She is a strategic and an empathetic professional who sees her purpose in life is to advocate for people. 

Lynae’s certifications include Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Situational Leadership, Development Dimensions International Leadership Facilitator, as well as Succession Planning and Talent Development.

In this episode Lynae and I chatted about…

💡The GROW model: Goal, Reality, Options, Way Forward. This framework helps guide leaders through the process of providing coaching and feedback.

💡The importance of reflection first: Take time to evaluate your own role in setting expectations and identify areas for improvement. This prepares you to approach the conversation constructively.

💡Understanding the value of feedback: Ask yourself why providing feedback is important and how it will benefit the individual, the team, and overall performance.

💡Shifting your mindset from conflict to coaching: Approach feedback conversations as opportunities for growth and collaboration, rather than focusing on correcting someone or creating conflict.

💡Fostering open dialogue and understand perspectives: Seek to understand the other person’s viewpoint, as their interpretation of events may differ from yours. To be sure, this leads to a more comprehensive and constructive conversation.

Connect with Lynae:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lynaeremondino/


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