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080: Emi Kirschner on Creating Healthy Foodies

healthy foodiesEmi Kirschner, CHHC, helps successful, joy driven executives and entrepreneurs take the leap into the healthy lifestyle they desire. As a board certified Holistic Health Coach, she unlocks the “Why” that keeps them stuck in stress filled lives and unhealthy eating habits. Emi’s compassionate, innovative, and fun approach to coaching will harness your inner energy and transform your life.

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Playing Small Moment

Right out of college, Emi took a job without any thought or negotiation. Soon after, she turned down a second job offer because she thought simply having a job was the goal. Looking back, she realizes she should have negotiated with her first employer, and at least considered the path that the other job could have brought.

The Wake Up Call

Emi had her wake up call when she decided to get a divorce, and came to terms with doing things that benefit her. During marriage counseling, they reached a point where change was not happening and a decision had to be made. It was the right call for her and her children to make that healthy change, and it was something that allowed her to parent the way she wanted to.

Style of Leadership

Emi views herself as a mentor and a teacher. No matter who it is, she will take the time to talk to them and offer suggestions to help get to the next step. Emi believes we need more uplifting and support to help each other in this world.

What Are You Excited About?

Emi has a 4 Module e-course called French Fries to Foodies, launching in January. She got tired of negotiating and bargaining with her picky eaters, until she decided she was done. She created this program around that and strategies she has used.

Leadership Practice

Emi believes in the importance of meditating, centering and grounding. She is always open to new systems, techniques, and ways of doing things. Emi always tries to gain by learning from others.

Book to Develop Leadership

The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte

What Would You Change?

“Just do it.” Emi thinks about everything a lot, so she would tell her younger self just to do it. If you have good intention, it will all work out.

Inspirational Quote

“It’s All Good!”

“The Point of Life is Happiness” – Dali Lama

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