169: Emily Thompson on Utilizing Your Multifaceted Talents

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emily-thompsonEmily was a self-starter from the get-go and began her trajectory of being her own boss by owning a tanning salon in college – no joke. From there, she started making and selling jewelry online which fueled her passion for online business as a whole. She moved from designing jewelry to designing websites at Indie Shopography where her natural talent for coding, project management, and ability to use metrics to make calculated decisions has allowed her to continue to expand her reach and impact for online business owners ever since. Emily uses that experience to share what she knows about building an online business on the Being Boss podcast, where she inspires, writes, and curates content to help creatives own their path and be more boss.

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Playing Small Moment

When Emily moved her jewelry store off of Etsy and on to her own website she decided to sell web design to others interested in doing the same. Her playing small moment came when she undervalued her own work even when she knew it was worth more.

The Wake Up Call

Emily woke up one day and knew she had to do a podcast with her partner Kathleen. When a fairly large company contacted them about a sponsorship she realized the podcast was cultivating a community that was hungry for the information they provided.

Style of Leadership

Emily likes to keep things as transparent as possible and she refuses to ask someone to do something she would not do herself.

What Are You Excited About?

Emily is excited about re-launching the Being Boss Club House. It’s a result-focused, paid membership group for their ‘bosses’.

Current Business Challenge

Emily finds the daily grind of leading a seven-person team challenging. She is responsible for doling out tasks, keeping things organized and making the business run smoothly.

Your Support System

Emily has a six-person support team. There is Kathleen, who is Emily’s business partner at Being Boss.  Her baby daddy and money man makes sure people get paid, and a four-person team of people makes the website and podcast work.

Leadership Practice

Taking an interest in other people is one of the things that makes Emily a great leader.

Book to Develop Leadership

Rework, by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier

Advice For Younger Self

Wake up earlier.

Inspirational Quote

Emily’s one-word focus intention is Grace and her word of the month is Joy.


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Web: http://www.emilymthompson.com

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Twitter: http://twitter.com/beingbossclub

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Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/beingbossclub

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