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From co-founding Climate Ride in 2008 and scaling the socially-conscious company to a seven-figure budget, to biking alone across southeast Asia, to coaching entrepreneurs on how to achieve their own lofty goals, Geraldine Carter loves finding practical, efficient solutions to complex challenges. After directly experiencing the value of outside perspective and mentorship, Geraldine began sharing her 10+ years of business experience and mindfulness training through coaching. An ICF accredited Associate Certified Coach, Geraldine takes pride in challenging herself and her clients to reach higher and find bolder ways forward.

My Introduction of Geraldine on the She Thinks Big podcast:

Geraldine, before I ask you to introduce yourself I want to share with everyone who you are for me.

I first heard of you when you were interviewed in episode 36 of the Speaking Your Brand podcast by Carol Cox (Hi Carol!). And I was blown away.

The title of the episode is Creating a Business for Change with Geraldine Carter, and in it you shared about Climate Ride, the multi-million dollar non-profit “that organized life-changing charitable biking and hiking events to raise awareness and support sustainability, active transportation and environmental causes.

And you know the experience of listening to women’s stories and initiatives. I thought, “Whoa, this woman is badass!”

Now that being said, you were coached in that episode by Carol and got vulnerable about the challenges you were facing but it only solidified for me that you are the real deal.

And for those listening, after you finish this episode go watch Seth Godin’s TED talk on tribes and you may just see a familiar face around 13:29. Badass!

Geraldine, we may have interacted a couple of times through Carol’s facebook group but I was really blown away when in early April of this year you reached out to me because you were 1) going to be creating and launching a podcast, 2) you wanted to identify the mindsets that were potentially holding you back in your business and keeping you from owning your full power and value as a coach and 3) oh by the way, you were about to have your second child in the next month.

I was so honored you even considered me though we both agreed the podcast was your first focus when you got back from maternity leave and that’s not my area of expertise.

Fast forward to last week and I get a message from you saying, “I have a totally crazy/weird Idea for you. Maybe I should lead off with, ‘Hi! How are you!’ because I don’t know what head space you are in. How are you doing? How is your mom?”

I was so delighted and when you shared your idea with me of doing this episode I was an immediate “Yes!”

I so want the world to know you better, not just because of all the big thing you are up to but because you also are willing to get vulnerable and when someone gets to know you, you are absolutely delightful.

I think that’s a pitfall of high performers/high achievers: they exude a lot of competence, confidence and a “let’s get it done” energy that people can misread them and think that’s the totality of who they are when in fact, they are multi-faceted. And at the end of the day, they are a human being trying to make it in the world and do some good.

More about Geraldine and how she sees herself

Note how much Geraldine has done and accomplished and how difficult it was for her to talk about it.

Where did it all start, specifically where did you get the notion that you could not only think big, but that you actually had it in you to accomplish big things?

Geraldine has been blessed with adventurers in her family that served as role models for her. In her family going on an adventure is as natural as going to grammar school. Also, her curiosity spurs her to see what she is capable of. Lastly, Geraldine isn’t afraid to make a mistake, fail, or make a mess of things.

What have you learned from your travel, business, and physical adventures?

There are painful moments when you go after your big dreams but they don’t last long. What’s important is you have to pay attention to your inner guidance when making big decisions. If it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t right. Also, it’s important to hyper-focus on what’s important and remove low-value distractions from your schedule.

There is a trifecta of things that are scaring Geraldine right now as she continues to grow her business. Do you share any of these fears?

What does your system contain that you are consistently applying to yourself and sharing with your clients so they can get to where you are in their own development?

I am very aware that I have developed my coaching system for myself. “We teach what we need to learn.” Or rather, we teach what we need to be reminded of. I have a coach-friend who introduced me to the phrase “new level, new devil.” Meaning when you break through obstacles you achieve new levels of consciousness, performance and success. But waiting there to greet you at that next level are the new obstacles you have to overcome of you want to continue to grow and evolve.

Geraldine has a very supportive yet direct approach to help her clients play bigger.

We are all eager to be where you are, playing full out, thinking big, playing big. Describe for us what life is like when we live that experience.

Geraldine acknowledges she is not in this head space all the time but she has the tools to get herself there. Playing big is not a comfortable space but she accepts it and embraces it.

What are your hopes for your podcast, She Thinks Big?

Geraldine’s hopes her podcast is used as a tool by millions of women around the world to help them develop, grow, gain confidence, trust themselves; become the full powerful women they are fully capable of being, so that they can do whatever it is they were put on this planet to do.

What are some of the baby steps we can take right now to get there?

Become aware of your own internal dialogue, how it makes you feel and react, and then develop a dialogue that will help you to get where you want to be.

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Or find her episodes here: http://shethinksbigpodcast.com

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