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158: Jen Hemphill on Rewriting Your Money Stories

money storiesJen Hemphill helps busy ambitious women transform their finances from being overwhelming to bringing joy, simplicity, and confidence. She is a Motivational Money Coach, an AFC® (Accredited Financial Counselor) and the host of Her Money Matters Podcast. When she’s not talking money, she enjoys photography, coffee, chocolate, traveling, working out and spending time with her husband and two boys.

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Playing Small Moment

At the beginning of her journey, Jen didn’t listen to her own intuition. She allowed the opinions and coaching of others to influence her initial business practices, because she didn’t feel confident enough to follow her own instincts.

The Wake Up Call

A few years ago, Jen found herself  down in the dumps about many things in her life. Her husband’s pep talk taught her to celebrate the things that were successes, and so she didn’t have time to focus on what didn’t happen.

Style of Leadership

Jen strives to step into other people’s shoes to see things from their perspective. Empathy helps her to lead.

What Are You Excited About?

Jen is super-excited about her Fearless Money Sisterhood Program. It is a new, affordable program that is a go-to source for women seeking money guidance.

Current Business Challenge

Jen is in the process of building a team and is finding some challenges in taking it to the next level. Her business will be morphing from being centered around direct coaching to a membership-based model.

Business Support System

Jen’s family has been really supportive and her business friends offer business support, because they have been where she is and understand.

Leadership Practice

Jen takes one day a week to make sure she practices self-care. It helps her to disconnect and quiet the clutter in her head.

Book to Develop Leadership

How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie

What Got You Here Wont Get You There, by Marshall Goldsmith

Advice For Younger Self

 Believe in yourself, being positive is not enough.

Inspirational Quote

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual you will have to settle for the ordinary.” ~Jim Rohn




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